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The Art of The Start: Gaining Momentum For A New Start on Goals

Lately I have been thinking a lot about fresh starts. It’s a new year, and a good new time time to start fresh, but sometimes actually getting started is the hardest part. Read how I gained a little inspiration from Isaac Newton and my sponsors and ScholarShare to make a fresh start on some of my goals!

Something that I learned in high school science was that Newton’s first law of motion states,

“An object at rest stays at rest, and an object in motion stays in motion.”


I never did especially well at science during school, but something about this law always stuck with me. I think it is because it applies to our attitudes about accomplishing goals just as much as it applies to our inertia. Being “at rest” in our comfort zones is comfortable and easy. It takes effort to change that position. It takes work to start something new. However, once we get started and get “in motion” it is so much easier to have the momentum needed to continue on the path to accomplishing our goals.

The Art of The Start- Gaining Momentum For A New Start

Where to Begin?
I think the best place to start it to make a goal. Then find a system that helps you move toward that goal one step at a time. This year I set a goal to run a full 5K. I have done a 5K before but had to walk part of the way. This year, I want to RUN it! So last week I went running for the first time in quite a few months. Let me tell you… It was HARD! This object had been at rest for way too long. But then I went again, and it was hard…but not as hard. As I stick with my system, I know it will get easier each time I go out.

Another goal that my husband and I are working on together is to save some money. With the amounts that we are able to save each month, it feels like we will never reach our goals. However, as we stick with it, I know our humble start will add up to something worthwhile.

If you have a goal to save money for a child’s education, ScholarShare can give you the start that you need to get in motion. The ScholarShare California 529 Savings Plan, makes starting out, easy by allowing you to start a college savings fund for as little as $25 start up. After you have started, you can keep your momentum going with small $25 subsequent contributions per investment portfolio. By opening a new college savings fund you get additional tax deduction benefits that make a ScholarShare account a smart way to start saving.

Whatever you wish to accomplish, just start! Stop resting and start gaining momentum towards reaching your goals today!

Let keep each other accountable… What goal do you want to accomplish and what are you doing to “start” today?

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