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5-Minute “Tin-Foil” Curls Tutorial + My 30 Day Hair Challenge + Giveaway

Check out my tutorial on how to create beautiful curls in 5 minutes with just aluminum foil and a flat iron . Read how I used this technique to show off my revitalized hair thanks to the Nioxin Hair Care System that I received for review! Plus…comment here to WIN a Nioxin Hair Care System of your own that I’m giving away!

I participated in the NIOXIN Challenge blog program as a member of One2One Network. I received compensation but all opinions are my own.

The past few months I have been in a bit of a “hair funk”. My hair is getting fairly long, and I am enjoying the length, but it also was feeling kind of “blah”. Nothing was wrong with it per-say, it just didn’t have the bounce and life that I like my hair to have. I also had been having issues with my scalp feeling dry and itchy and was even starting to notice some flakes (thanks dry, winter weather).

30 Day Nioxin Hair Challenge

Because I love my length, but not that “blah hair” feeling, I decided to
try a new hair care system from Nioxin. Each one of their 3 part system kits includes a daily regimen consisting of three steps, to help nourish the scalp (which really caught my attention) and give you thicker, denser-looking hair, in 30 Days, guaranteed. So, I decided to take the Nioxin 30 Day Challenge myself and see if I could wash away my hair funk!

 5-Minute  Tin-Foil Curls Tutorial + My 30 Day Hair Challenge + Giveaway
The first step was to visit the Nioxin’s online consultation tool to find which System Kit best fits my needs. After taking a short survey the website determined that I needed “System Kit 5” designed specially for “normal to thin-looking, medium to coarse, natural (no chemical processes like color or relaxing) or chemically treated hair. It delivers smoothing control to hair while refreshing the scalp and restoring moisture balance.” I have to say this was right on the money for me! I was kind of impressed at how well it pegged me!

After determining which system to use, I was excited to start my 30
Day challenge. From the moment I started using it, I felt instant relief to my itchy scalp. It was amazing, how soothing it was! Every time I used the conditioner and post-shower scalp treatment, I felt that “ahhhhhh” sensation (you know… that feeling you get when you put lotion on really itchy skin). Not only did it offer relief, but it also went to work improving the problem. By the end of the 30 days, all of my dry, flakes where gone!

I also loved that my hair had so much more bounce and life then it has had in a long time! I feel like I can finally show off my length rather then hiding it away in an up-do.

 5-Minute  Tin-Foil Curls Tutorial + My 30 Day Hair Challenge + Giveaway

5 Minute “tin-foil” Curls Tutorial

 5-Minute  Tin-Foil Curls Tutorial + My 30 Day Hair Challenge + Giveaway
Because I was ready to show off my length and new found life in my hair, I was excited to try some new curling techniques. When a friend posted this one on Facebook, I just had to try it! It was so easy and literally took minutes to have beautiful curls with only my flat iron and strips of regular kitchen aluminum foil. Here’s how:

 5-Minute  Tin-Foil Curls Tutorial + My 30 Day Hair Challenge + Giveaway
Step 1:
Take small sections of hair and twist then wrap around two fingers to give a circular shape. Spray with your favorite hair spray and wrap in a 4-6 inch strip of aluminum foil. Repeat around your entire head. I only did my top layer, but it could be done all over.

 5-Minute  Tin-Foil Curls Tutorial + My 30 Day Hair Challenge + Giveaway
Step 2:
Gently press a flat-iron over the foil for 10 seconds. For my hair, each foil curl required 3 sections of flat ironing to make sure all parts got heated. This may vary on your length and thickness of hair. Repeat for each foil curl.

 5-Minute  Tin-Foil Curls Tutorial + My 30 Day Hair Challenge + Giveaway
Step 3:
Allow foil to cool enough to touch, then gently remove foil and unwrap hair curl. When first removed the curls came out in a tight kinky curl (top left photo) so I gently separated the curl with my fingers to create more of a beach-wave curl (bottom photos).

Are you also feeling like you are in a bit of a hair funk? Take the Challenge the NIOXIN 30 Day Challenge and share your results with #NIOXINChallenge on NIOXIN’s Facebook and Twitter and see other people’s hair transformations.

One lucky CleverHouseWife reader will win One NIOXIN hair system kit $44 value (winner will be able to choose which of the six systems they receive- open to U.S. Residents only).

To enter, simply leave a comment below telling us what hair trouble, you hope the NIOXIN hair system kit will help to fix! Comment must be posted by 11:59 PM PST on Friday March 20, 2015 to be entered for Giveaway. Winner will be chosen at random.

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  • After undergoing a year of chemo treatments, my hairdresser got me some of this shampoo and conditioner. I was a huge fan of Nixon after the first time I used it. My hair has never felt or looked so good. Thank you for the chance to win this awesome set!

  • My hair used to be my best feature. It was always thick and healthy looking. Now, I am losing a good bit of hair each time I comb it. I wake up to “holes” showing my scalp in several places. Now I know what guys feel like when they have a “comb-over” style. I have to pull hair (with the comb) from either side to cover the “hole.” Then I have to spray to hold the hair there. I could always just get up and comb and go — no hair spray or mousse. Thanks for your contest.

  • I have thinning hair and I would love for one of the systems to help me feel like my hair is thicker and make it feel stronger! I also have a dry, itchy scalp that needs soothing. Your hair looks amazing! I would love to try one of the systems!

  • I have fine, thin, and straight hair. I would love if i could get some voulme and bounce to my hair. I have a really hard time trying to give it any body.

  • My hair is so fine and limp as well. I love it longer, but it just makes the problem worse!

  • My hair is curly/wavy and has been getting more coarse/dry, and therefore breaking more. I’d love to have it stronger and not quite so prone to frizziness.

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