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Simple St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Craft for the Wee Little Ones

This fun and simple St. Patrick’s Day craft is perfect for teaching preschoolers about colors with a “wee bit” of Leprechaun magic.

Simple St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Craft for the Wee Little Ones
With St. Patrick’s Day happening this week, I wanted to do a fun little craft with my preschool group to get them excited for the day. I came up with this simple craft that was perfect for little fingers to do all on their own!

I started with a large piece of styrofoam that I got from a local craft store ($6) which I had cut into 10 smaller pieces (one for each kid). I used this as the “cloud” base of the rainbow. I then gave the kids pipe cleaners in rainbow colors ($2 for 100) to make the rainbow stripes.

After showing the kids how to push the pipe cleaners into the styrofoam to create a rainbow, they where easily able to do this on their own (even the 2 year olds)!

It was a great fine motor activity for them to do on their own and a great opportunity for us to work on learning our colors.

After the kids made their rainbows, I read a short St. Patrick’s Day story and explained to them that leprechauns love rainbows! We decided to leave out our rainbows while we went outside to play for a little bit. When we came back inside, we discovered that gold coins had been pushed into the “clouds” under the rainbow!

All of the kids where super excited that a real leprechaun had been in our class that day! However, when one super-smart preschooler pointed out the coins where not real gold, but in-fact plastic, we realized that we had been tricked! That sneaky little leprechaun tricked us again!

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