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5 Steps to Improve Your Love Life

As a newlywed, and feeling very in love, it is so important for me to keep our love going strong. We fall more in love each day, and I only hope it continues for the rest of forever. Between raising 4 kids together, work, and everything else we have to do, some days it is difficult to take time to just focus on each other. Whether time is limited or you have a weekend to get away with your partner, these 5 steps to improve your love life can really help. My partners at 3 Wishes also have a little something-something that can help. 

5 Steps to Improve Your Love Life

1. Develop gratitude – As humans we often fixate on the negative, and on another’s imperfections. This is a recipe for disaster though! If you come home from grocery shopping and you discover your husband has dried your favorite blouse in the dryer, how do you react? I realize that if I complain or get mad about how hubby doesn’t do everything perfectly, then he may stop doing those things to be helpful, altogether! If I yell about the blouse, then hubby may say, “fine, then you do the laundry from now on.” Not a win-win situation to be in. Show and express gratitude frequently!

2. Be the first to say I’m sorry. Apologizing for whatever the err might be will open up the doors of communication. Be tender and sincere with your apology. 

3. Begin each day with the question of, “What can I do to help you today?” If each partner starts the day this way, I guarantee your mindset and attitude toward your loved one will be so much better for the day.


4. Compromise – Take turns sharing in one other’s liked activities. We don’t have to love everything our spouse loves to do, but we can love doing it with them. It is about being together, and not always what you do together. It’s all about give and take. 

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5. Keep your sex life alive! Some may say this aspect of a relationship isn’t all that important, but I beg to differ. We are meant to give and receive pleasure from our spouse, so have fun doing it. For me, I need to take 5 to unwind from the hectic day, and get in the mindset of being a wife and not just a mom, taxi, referee, etc. I like to freshen up and slip into something that helps me feel like a woman. Lingerie helps me to feel sexy, and 3 Wishes has all you would need in this department. Whether you like to role play and try different things, or you just need a sexy nightie to get you in the mood, 3 Wishes has everything from adult costumes to lingerie. They even sell items for men and women. 

Which step needs the most improvement in your relationship?

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  • I completely agree! Great article! If we don’t take time to work on our martial relationships then we can’t complain when they start falling apart. We have to enjoy each other no matter the issues around us. My husband and I have been trying to make our evenings once the kids are asleep our quiet together time.

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