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What Women Really Want for Valentine’s Day (With Printable Valentines)

What Women Really Want for Valentine's Day (With Printable Valentines)

Ok men, it’s time for a little real talk. This Valentine’s Day, skip the overpriced roses, cheesy teddy bears and fattening chocolates (I’d take the chocolates on top of what I’m going to share)! What women really want for Valentine’s Day is a little “choreplay”. That’s right, she wants to see you getting “handsy” with those dishes. She will swoon when you heat things up with the steam cleaner. And you don’t even want to know what she is thinking when you are making the magic happen with those Magic Erasers. You may not believe me now, but when your queen walks in and finds her palace sparkling clean, you will thank me later! So strap on those rubber gloves and get ready to get down and dirty (with the chores, of-course).

What women really want: Printable Valentine from the man who cleans
Because we know your wife loves cute little printables from Pinterest almost as much as she will love her clean house, I decided to make some cute “choreplay themed Valentine’s”. Just print them out and stick around the house in the various locations where the chore action occurred (after all, you wouldn’t want her to miss out on noticing some of the hard work you put in). Print them out, do the chore, and Valentine’s Day is in the bag. You are welcome! 
What Wives Really Want for Valentine's Day (With Printable Valentines)
Our friends at Mr. Clean, who have been trying to help clue you guys in on the choreplay secret with their “game on” Super Bowl ad, want to add some extra fun to your chore-play. Being experts in all things dirty, they know that few things are sexier than a man who cleans. They also know that men who do more than a third of the housework are significantly more likely to get some action from their significant other. Seriously guys, it’s all about the choreplay! 
Mr. Clean Valentine's Day Prize Pack

So to help share their clean little secret, they have partnered with me to host a fun little giveaway for a “Sexy Choreplay Kit”. The kit includes Magic Erasers, a heart-box of chocolates, coupons for your significant other to customize as gifts, stemless wine tumblers and washable (with a Magic Eraser) wine pens! The giveaway will end at midnight PST on 2/11, for a really quick turn around. Fill out the form below, to enter, and keep scrolling for those printable Valentines!

So this Valentine’s Day, fellas grab your favorite Mr. Clean cleaning supplies and be prepared to get dirty! 
What women really want: Printable Valentine from the man who cleans
What women really want: Printable Valentine from the man who cleans
What women really want: Printable Valentine from the man who cleans

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