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Hottest Gifts for 8 Year Old Girls

Some of the hottest gifts for 8 Year Old Girls

My baby turned 8 a couple of weeks ago, and it just blows my mind!!! With my oldest being 13, my twins 11 and now my youngest is 8, they’re all going to be teenagers and out of the house before I know it. My daughter is so easy to please, and is such a joyful little girl. As I prepared for Miss Bea’s 8th birthday party, I partnered with a few toy brands to bring you some of the hottest gifts for 8 year old girls. Some of the items are ones that Brielle helped me come up with too – so you can have the very best list for your shopping needs.

Num Noms

Some of the hottest gifts for 8 Year Old Girls

Bea has been obsessed with Num Noms ever since she discovered them last year. The fantastic thing about Num Noms is affordability, and the collectible factor. When it comes to the Series 1, 2 or 3 Num Noms, you don’t know what you’re going to get in the sealed package, and there are so many you can add to your collection.

Some of the hottest gifts for 8 Year Old Girls

In addition to characters, each pack comes with a lip gloss, a stamp, pencil topper, or a light-up Num.

Some of the hottest gifts for 8 Year Old Girls

Aside from the single packs of Num Noms, you can get Starter Packs that come with 3 scented Nums and a motorized Num or stamp or pencil topper.

Some of the hottest gifts for 8 Year Old Girls

Miss Bea loves how great the Num Noms all smell, and she loves stacking them as high as she can! She’s even got a smell-good Num Nom t-shirt! The brand was so fantastic to work with that they sent a truck full of Num Noms, which we used as party favors. All of our guests went home very happy!

American Girl Dolls

Some of the hottest gifts for 8 Year Old Girls

Up until this year, we’ve always gotten the knockoff brand of dolls. This year, we decided Bea was old enough and mature enough to appreciate the coveted American Girl Dolls! I did some digging and discovered Grace, the 2015 doll of the year, who happens to be Parisian. Brielle LOVES all things Paris so this gift was super special to her. What I love about these dolls is the warranty they come with, and the hair is truly soft and silky, and they’re just beautiful.

Gel-a-Peel Crafts

Some of the hottest gifts for 8 Year Old Girls

I don’t know about your 8 year old daughter, but mine LOVES to craft and create. What’s better to create than jewelry she can wear? With the Gel-a-Peel Bead Craft Kit Station you can design and create your own beads! The kit comes with beading rods, peel, string and your beaded jewelry is ready to wear! You can make rings and pencil grips too. The Gel-a-Peel Sparkle Bead Station comes with 3 sparkle gel color tubes to make over 100 beads! Make sure little ones have supervision with this craft, as the gel can be messy and difficult to clean up.

Makeup Science Kit

Some of the hottest gifts for 8 Year Old Girls

Pre-teens are often dreaming of the day they get to wear makeup. That’s still a bit off for my 8 year old, but We’ve enjoyed testing out different lipgloss making kits. We’ve discovered this new Crayon Makeup Science Kit by Project Mc2, and it’s perfect for 8 year old girls. I love that this kit combines science and beauty – which is perfect for my growing girl. This happens to be on sale for $16.99 on Amazon right now, so snag yours quick!

That’s it for now, for some of our favorite gifts for 8 year old girls. I’d love to hear if you have any items to add to the list!

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