Tips to Make Your Bathroom A Paradise

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If you’ve been following my Instagram Stories then you know we’ve been in the middle of a bathroom remodel. Because our home was build in the 1800s, plumbing and electricity were added after the fact and we only have one shared bathroom on each floor. Bedrooms were later converted into bathrooms, but we still don’t have a master bath. My husband has begun our master bath build, but in the meantime we’ve been remodeling the shared upstairs bath and I’m in love with it! It just may currently be my favorite room in the house because I got to design it from start to finish (it’s nearly finished anyway) and I’m quite enjoying my nightly baths. I want to share with you some tips to make your bathroom a paradise.

Tips to Make Your Bathroom A Paradise

Whether you’re remodeling or you want to work with what you’ve got, these tips will give you that sparkle and good feel that will have you feeling zen in no time at all! We all deserve a little zen after a long hard day, right? 


Tips to Make Your Bathroom A Paradise

The first order of priority is cleanliness. I don’t know about you, but I can’t relax if I’m surrounded by clutter or dirt and grime. I end up fixating on the dirty spots I can see instead of relaxing. Clorox® Scentiva™ products are fantastic for creating a paradise in your bathroom. The type of cleaning products you use on the bathroom can make a difference for two reasons: 1. Some products just work better than others when it comes to getting rid of soap scum and toilet stains. 2. You don’t want your bathroom left smelling like straight up cleaning products. You want a paradise so why not let your cleaning products leave your space smelling like one!

Tips to Make Your Bathroom A Paradise

To really get that paradise smell, pick up  the Clorox® Scentiva™ Foam Cleaner and Multi-surface cleaner in Pacific Breeze and Coconut scent. When I think of an island getaway, I think of coconut and pina coladas, so that’s exactly how I want my own personal paradise to smell and taste! We’ll get to the taste part in just a bit. The Foam Cleaner is amazing for getting rid of soap scum for spotless tubs, showers and more!

The Clorox® Scentiva™ Multi-surface Cleaner does just what it’s name says – cleans multiple surfaces. I love using it to give the toilet a wipe down after cleaning my vanity and sink. It powers through tough grease and grime while killing 99.9% of viruses and bacteria for a tropical-scented space that sparkles from top to bottom.


Tips to Make Your Bathroom A Paradise

Okay, now that the work is done, let’s get to some relaxation! First we need to get the atmosphere just right. Once your bathroom is clean, you’ll want to make sure you have some pretty things to look at. I keep flowers in my bathroom (some excellent looking artificial ones that don’t die) and I just picked up some fun decorative boxes to store my bathroom essentials such as q-tips and cotton balls. When bathing, candles are a must! Dim the lights and have the candles going so you can get your zen on.

Feed Your Soul

Tips to Make Your Bathroom A Paradise

There are a few ways you can do this, so look into what works best for you. Perhaps you need some uplifting inspiration then you could listen to a podcast or other inspirational words. For me I love to get my music on or depending on my mood, I may totally want to veg out to some Netflix so I don’t have to think about ANYTHING. The other way to feed my soul that is in need of paradise is with something yummy. Maybe it’s chocolate or something salty, but definitely don’t forget a yummy drink! I go non-alcoholic and whip up a tropical smoothie of sorts, to go with my newly cleaned Pacific Breeze and Coconut smelling bathroom!

Tips to Make Your Bathroom A Paradise

There you have it – you’ll be on your way to making your bathroom a paradise in no time! Pick up your Clorox® Scentiva™ Pacific Breeze and Coconut products on your next trip to Target!

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