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Top Father’s Day Gifts for 2019

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Top Father's Day Gifts

Tis the season to celebrate dad and what a great one it is! The fathers in our lives do so much for us and rarely get proper recognition. I love any reason to pamper my husband, Keith, because he is one who rarely asks for anything. Because Keith doesn’t ask for much he can be especially difficult to shop for. I was so excited when BabbleBoxx wanted to send me (and Keith) a box full of different items for dad. I even got Keith to do an unboxing video to showcase these top Father’s Day gifts for 2019 (scroll to watch). 

With such a wide variety of items, this box is sure to have something your husband or father will love! I hope you feel inspired. Let’s do a rundown:

Top Father’s Day Gifts

Trekz Air Tech Bundle from AfterShokz

Trekz Air from AfterShokz

Headphones are always needed in our household and Trekz Air from AfterShokz are pretty great. See, Keith and I have sensitive ears and don’t like things in our ears, or putting a lot of pressure on our ears. The Trekz Air bone conduction wireless headphones are open-ear and rest lightly over and in front of the ear. Another feature I love about these is that they’re not sound canceling, so you hear the world around you and your music with AfterShokz. I love being able to get Keith’s attention without having to yell when he’s out working on cars or in his shop, while listening to music.

Trekz Air Tech Bundle from AfterShokz-2

Through June 8th use code DADS for $50 off the Trekz Air Tech Bundle. You’ll notice as part of this bundle we received an insulated bottle, backup charger and headphones case. Our bundle also came with PopSockets – PopSockets are the original expanding phone grip and stand that everyone loves! This bundle makes for one of the top Father’s Day gifts!

Tie from

The kids gift dad a tie for nearly every Father’s Day. My men wear ties every Sunday, if not more, so having a variety to choose from is really nice. has a nice selection, including the Black Bucyrus Skinny Tie we received. Florals are totally in right now when it comes to ties and the whimsical floral patterns in this tie are right on point. Use code TIESXBABBLE for 15% off from now until 12/31/19.

Eyewear from Zenni

Zenni Eyewear

Keith cannot go out and about without sunglasses. However, as he’s gotten older he’s also started needing glasses for reading. We’ll see if his prescription turns into more as the years go on. Switching between eyeglasses and sunglasses can be a royal pain, but not with this Square Clip-On Set 503215 from Zenni. First you get modern browline glasses with frames in glossy black or matte tortoiseshell. To up the game, Zenni includes a magnetic snap-on set to create instantly cool sunglasses. Zenni eyewear has it going on with their clip-on sets.

2020 U.S. Open Tickets from USGA

2020 U.S. Open Tickets

Calling all golf lovers! The 2020 U.S. Open Championship happens to take place over Father’s Day (June 15-21,2020). U.S. Open golf tickets are a must for any golf dad and/or grad. Next year’s event takes place at Winged Foot Golf Club in New York and would make for quite the trip of a lifetime! Our official tickets will be in the mail next Spring – hope to see you on the course!

Black Label Tees from Hanes

Hanes Black Label Tee

Solid tees should be a staple in any man’s closet. Hanes Black Label Tees take the tee game up a notch with comfort, fashion and style, all from US Grown Cotton. We’ve been quite impressed with how soft these are and their odor control technology. Styles come in Crew Neck and V-Neck, which is a style hubby needs to get used to. 


Nexbelt Belt with no Holes

Every man needs a solid belt and cool belt buckle. Nexbelt is the belt with no holes and comes with PreciseFit Technology and 1/4″ adjustments. Our Nexbelt happened to come with a U.S. Open belt buckle, which is pretty sweet. Getting the perfect fit is easy with this particular belt. 

Spinning Top from Bruce Charles Design

Spinning Top from Bruce Charles Design

Keith is pretty excited about this last gift idea, because he loves fidget toys as much as the next guy. The Schulte Solid Brass Spinning Top with silicon nitride ceramic bearing can last up to 10 minutes! Dad can pocket this everyday carry top in his pocket and break it out for a little zen, a little entertainment or even a little friendly competition with fellow spinners. These elegant yet functional pieces of art are sure to put a smile on your dad’s face on Father’s Day! Get free shipping on Amazon!

Top Father's Day Gifts

No matter your budget, or your “dad’s” personality, there’s sure to be something for everyone with these top Father’s Day gifts for 2019. Have fun spoiling your man, just as I have!



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