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How to Decorate a Farmhouse Console Table

Decorating a Farmhouse Console Table

With my Victorian turned Farmhouse home I have trusty brands I can count on to help me add those personal touches to make my house a home. I’m partnering with Nearly Natural to share how to decorate a farmhouse console table using greenery and lots of charm. 

Decorating a Farmhouse Console Table

I’ve lived in my home for almost 4 years now, but in some ways it still feels new. It’s funny to me that it’s taken this long to feel like the style and decor are my own. Our house was built in 1878 and the previous owner restored it to its presumed Victorian state. The house is gorgeous and I love all the beautiful moldings and character, but the wallpaper and floral carpet had to go. Not to mention the flat paint throughout the house. I’m constantly adding my own personal touches, including this brand new farmhouse console table Keith JUST built for me! Now to decorate it with!

How to Decorate a Farmhouse Console Table

Work from the Bottom Up

Decorating a Farmhouse Console Table

Let’s start from the bottom up. You may have two shelves, one shelf or no shelves at all. If your console table is like mine then you have one low shelf to decorate. Bigger items are better for filling up the space. Find a good sized basket that doesn’t overwhelm the space. Fill it with blankets and pillows. 

Console Table decor

Because I like to play with different shapes and sizes, I opted for different shaped items for the bottom shelf. A nice lantern like this wooden one from Nearly Natural is fantastic for any shelf. The little drawer adds character and you can fill it with a candle.

Now it’s time to add some greenery. There are so many fantastic options here, but I’m partial to this miniature Sweet Bay tree. You could even put this tree on the top of your console table if it’s not too tall for everything else you’re working with. I love this tree so much and can see myself rotating it around my house for different seasons. It looks so natural and real!

Where Troubles Melt Like Lemondrops

Lastly, throw in some smaller wooden signs or blocks. You can work in twos or threes, or have one long sign like I have, “Where troubles melt like lemon drops.”

Wall Space

Farmhouse decor

Whether attached to the wall, or has the appearance of being on the wall, it’s important to add some art. I have a large old window frame resting against the wall, with a wreath hanging from the top. Having this large piece of “art” gives a good visual point to decorate around. 

Layer Accents

The top of the farmhouse console table is the toughest to decorate because the options are endless. It really isn’t difficult at all, but deciding which pieces make you happiest is the key.

Start with height

Tiered Tray Decor

For the table top, bring in some tall items first and work from there. A lamp is a great go-to for any console table, but if this area isn’t in need of extra light then try a vase, candlestick or tiered tray (like I have). The important part is to make sure your tall item overlaps the art on the wall. This will help tie your table and wall together. 

I love for things to be asymmetrical to some degree so I went with varying heights for each side of my table. My tallest piece is the tiered tray (from Hobby Lobby). I plan to change out the decor each season, but for summer I have a bit of a lemon theme going on. Each tier has a sign and a Mixed Cedar Topiary from Nearly Natural.  This 3 pack of mini topiaries are adorable and make for a clean accent piece anywhere in your home. 

Add in some knick knacks to go with your home’s style and your tiered tray is all done. For some character and fun I found these lemon gnomes on Amazon and I couldn’t love them more! They came in a 3 pack so I put the third gnome on my mantel, to tie my console table in with my fireplace decor. 

Depending on what you have on the wall, you may want to leave the center of your console table empty, or fill in with accents or wall art. The window frame resting atop my table has a large space of emptiness below the wreath so I filled in with a large sign. I think the sign really helps tie the whole look together. 

Fill in with smaller accents

Now to finish decorating a farmhouse console table is the last of the accents. With the height taken care of focus on filling in with smaller accents of different shapes. Books are great to layer with and give varying heights if needed, but I kept things simple with a wooden “&” next to the tiered tray.

Then for the opposite side of my table is a  tallish “home” sign from Hobby Lobby, plus a basket of lemons turned on its side. To tie this little scene together I have a plaid tray as a backdrop. Baskets and trays are awesome to have on hand for any shelf or wall piece.

Farmhouse Console Table Decorating Tips

There you have it – a complete look for any blank wall in your home!

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