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Easy Refrigerator Lock to Secure Your Fridge

Have some late night snackers you want to keep out of the fridge? I have just the easy refrigerator lock to secure your fridge for any reason. This post is sponsored but all opinions expressed are my own.

Why lock up your food?

Over the years I’ve had varying frustrations regarding food for the household. When the kids were little they’d grab chairs and get into snack cupboards, for pre-packaged yummies. I often debated locks for the cupboards and tried a couple of things, but nothing very successful. When the kids got older, I stopped worrying so much about the snacks in the cupboards and started worrying more about the frozen foods and perishable items. I’ve tried hard not to have a lot of food restrictions, but to teach the kids good nutrition. However, my teenage boys love going for an easy frozen meal or snack, a little more often than I’d like.

For one, these aren’t the healthiest of foods and secondly, the pre-packaged foods cost more! I try to teach my kids about moderation for the sake of their health and diet, and for my wallet. 

Another issue I run into is when I purchase something for a recipe only to have a kiddo gobble it up before I get to use it. I have a teen who loves cool whip and I’ve never been able to keep it on hand “just in case” I want to make something with it. Without a doubt, it gets eaten up before the cool whip turns into a recipe. 

I have a couple of kiddos who love late night snacks. I’m trying to break the habit, but a refrigerator lock can help aid in late night snacking. The other problem with some of these late night snack runs is when they forget to put the food back in the fridge. For example, a couple of my guys love cereal late at night and then they leave the milk out all night. No bueno!

Enter the Urban August Max Lock – An Easy Refrigerator Lock

After many failed attempts to secure my refrigerator I’ve discovered the Urban August Max Lock. I love how easy this lock is to use and that it doesn’t mess up my beautiful stainless steel fridge with sticky adhesives. The Urban August Max Lock is designed for French Door Refrigerators or cabinets and can easily be adjusted for different needs.

Urban August has several locks available and all are guaranteed, unique and stylish. This refrigerator lock essentially works like a padlock style combination, which you can update as needed (if little ones discover your code). The canvas strap is soft and scratch-free for your stainless steel. Simply snap together around the door handles and turn the dial. Fridge secured!

Behind Urban August

The people of Urban August know what it’s like to need to keep loved ones from the fridge, for their own benefit. The Max Lock was born out of experience. Growing up with a developmentally disabled sibling, the founder’s family struggled with securing their fridge over the years. Late night covert snack runs grew from a small nuisance to a serious health warning when large amounts of food would go missing. Through trial and error, he developed this line of fridge and cabinet locks. 

If your door handles are widespread then you may want to opt for the long refrigerator lock, while most refrigerators just require the regular lock. 

Planning on holiday guests? Now is the time to order up an Urban August Max Lock so you can keep your loved ones safe and healthy!

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Emily Buys


  • Oh, wow. I’ve never seen anything like that before. I know I could have definitely used it when I was in the process of putting on my COVID 15 this year. LOL.
    It seriously looks like a great device, though, if you need to secure your fridge.

  • That is an awesome lock. I would have loved to have this years ago. I still wouldn’t mind having it though. It would be nice to keep the kids out and have them ask before going in the fridge.

  • This would be great to have with toddlers in the house. It doesn’t take long for them to figure out how to open most things.

  • I could use this for our snack cabinet! It would fit the handles just the same and keep the kids out!

  • I was also looking for products like this. Kids in our are so playful and often tend to open cabinets and fridge. Sounds great to try.

  • This would have been so helpful when our kids were younger! WIth adopted kids and kids who have come from backgrounds where good has been scarce, food insecurity is a major issue and can cause kids to eat til they get sick.

  • OMG! This is the solution I was looking for. Even for my husband that eats always my ingredients for the new recipe. 🙂

  • Not just for kids. Elders with dementia may binge on ice cream and other frozen treats. The lock featured here doesn’t lock the freezer drawer that is common on French-door fridges.

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