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Why Peppermill Reno For A Reno Spa Getaway

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If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you likely know that I’ve had a rough go of things this past year (and even more-so the past 3 months). I’m in a stressful season of life and I’m willing and ready to jump at any opportunity to recharge my batteries. I fully believe in the occasional getaway to help one reset. Unwinding and recharging is a must for me so for my Reno Spa Getaway see why I choose Peppermill Reno. 

Peppermill Reno View from Parking Lot

Reno Spa Getaway

The Peppermill Reno resort has so many great things going on that make them an excellent destination for couples, families, singles and individuals looking for a Reno spa getaway. I went up for a night by myself and then Keith joined me for a second night, for a mini couples’ getaway. I got the best of both worlds! I’d like to take you through the things I found to aid in unwinding and recharging for the ultimate Reno spa getaway.

Spa Toscana

Meditation Room at Spa Toscana for a Peppermill Reno Spa Getaway

I could spend all day here and nearly did because my goal was for a spa getaway – which I received in full. I’ve visited a handful of spas in the Reno area and Spa & Salon Toscana is unlike any other in that it boasts three stories and 33,000 square feet of Mediterranean architecture. The space is simply beautiful and it’s easy to find a spot to nestle in with a book and relax, or to close your eyes and meditate. 

Instead of choosing between a facial and massage as I typically do, I went for both! I opted for a 90 minute deep tissue massage and it was just what I needed to get the knots and kinks out of my tense body. Finding a masseuse who provides the amount of pressure I like (and can tolerate – which is quite a lot) is not easy and I finally found one. My massage therapist was able to maintain excellent pressure throughout. 

I quite enjoy a facial as I get older because my skin is changing. I loved all of the high quality products used on my face and I truly felt like I had a glow about me afterwards. On top of excellent treatment, I truly enjoyed my aesthetician (we even followed each other on Instagram after). 

Snacks and Tea in Peppermill Reno Spa Toscana

Between services, you can enjoy light snacks and beverages throughout the spa. Because I stayed in Spa Toscana for several hours, I definitely enjoyed some of the snacks and drinks. You can also order food to be enjoyed by the pool. 

Peppermill Reno Spa Toscana Caldarium

Spa Toscana at Peppermill Reno boasts the only Caldarium in Northern Nevada, which includes an indoor pool and sun deck. Come on in – the water’s fine! 

Dining for Every Person on your Reno Spa Getaway

Waffled Brioche Grilled Cheese and Tomato Bisque from Peppermill Reno Biscotti's for a tasty Reno spa getaway

Waffled Brioche Grilled Cheese and Tomato Bisque from Biscotti’s

From a deliciously large sandwich while watching your favorite sporting event (or betting on it) to fine dining or room service, Peppermill Reno has dining options for every person. I tried to get a taste of as many things as I could during my two-night stay and I have to say – I didn’t get enough! I truly mean it when I say the Peppermill Reno Dining options are expansive and everything I had was quite tasty. 

Dining options include:

Fine Dining

  • Bimini Steakhouse
  • Chi
  • Romanza

Casual Dining

Wine Country Salad from Biscotti's

Wine Country Salad from Peppermill Reno Biscotti’s

  • Biscotti’s 
  • Oceano
  • Cafe Milano

Quick Bites

Gelato at Peppermill Reno

Gelato from Peppermill Reno Cafe Espresso

  • Biscotti’s (they have quick service options, which I took advantage of for my last morning and the pastries and breakfast sandwiches didn’t disappoint)
  • Cafe Espresso
  • Sports Deli
  • Back Bar
Pastries and Cocoa at Peppermill Reno Biscotti's for a tasty Reno spa getaway

Enjoying Pastries and Cocoa outside Peppermill Reno – Biscotti’s

Room Service


When you aren’t eating or relaxing at the spa, you can have fun in the Peppermill Reno Arcade or at the Casino. Gaming is big here and you have your options. If you’re there with the kids, or you just like winning arcade prizes, they’ve got you covered. I was amazed at how big sports betting seems to be at this particular casino. I’m not much of a gambler, but I’ll try some slots every now and then.

People Watching and Photo Spots

Peppermill Reno Selfie Screen to Transport Yourself to Other Countries

While I don’t do much gaming, I sure do love me some people watching at the casino! Always a good time. When wandering around taking in the views, you’ll find so much beautiful scenery and moving landscapes on the walls throughout the casino. I’ve never seen anything like it and it’s everywhere! There are also several photo worthy spots in the Peppermill. Transport yourself to another country on one of the columns where you can select the country of your choosing and snap a picture in front of that country’s landscape. It’s pretty awesome!

Pools and Gym

Swimming Pool View from Peppermill Reno Tuscany Tower

Even though it was still winter in Reno, I saw many people enjoying the outdoor heated pool. I opted for the pool at the spa, but I cannot wait to go back in the summer and dive into the gorgeous outdoor pools that were closed for winter. They sure did make for some pretty views from my Tuscany Tower room. I loved watching the steam come off the pools on a brisk morning. Because I was on this getaway to truly relax, exercising was not on my agenda, but there is an in-house gym if that’s your jam. 

Nightlife and Entertainment for your Reno Spa Getaway

Choose from 15 lounges and bars for your nightlife and entertainment! Even if you don’t want to pop into a bar, you can enjoy live music just passing by some of them. Cocktails, Mocktails and drinks galore are to be had throughout Peppermill Reno so you’ll never go thirsty. There are a variety of venues and views for your hanging out pleasure. 

Luxurious Rooms

Peppermill Reno Bed Snuggling

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how incredibly comfy the rooms are in the Tuscany Tower at Peppermill Reno. I can’t speak for the other rooms, but I stayed in a Tuscany King Suite and it was perfection. I am super picky with my hotel beds and pillows, as well as the bathroom and TV. I slept like a baby, enjoyed movies on the TV, had the longest bath in the in-room jacuzzi tub, ordered room service, plus had probably the best shower of my life! One of the reasons for my getaway was because after my move I sorely missed good showers (I moved to the country with low water pressure). I was pleasantly surprised by two showers heads all for me! Can I please go back now??

Come Again to Peppermill Reno

Whether you’re looking to escape your every day stresses and get away by yourself, with your significant other, the family or your girlfriends, Peppermill Reno truly has so much to offer. I quite enjoyed my visit (especially that gelato and my spa treatments) and I am anxiously waiting to return. I hope to catch you there! In the meantime, checkout more videos (including a room tour) and photos from my visit, in my Instagram Highlights

Why I choose Peppermill Reno for my Reno Spa Getaway

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