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Today I thought I’d talk about how to get your house clean without the stress! Some days I look around my house and get absolutely overwhelmed by the clutter and sometimes filth. Then I get stressed out and don’t know where to begin, and end up being more unproductive. I thought I’d share my typical cure for this little problem. It’s a good reminder for myself too.

I wanted to introduce something that I call Micro-Cleaning. This is a pretty simple tip that doesn’t take a lot of explanation, but hopefully something that will help you cut down the stress and get things clean in a more time effective way.

When you are in any given room, doing whatever it is you are doing in there, spend just a couple of extra minutes to get that room clean. In a sense, this is mastering one room at a time. Let me give you some examples.

If you are in the kitchen making dinner, rather than just get out your wash cloth in wipe down the crud on the counters, take the extra step to get out the cleaner or disinfectant, and do a good wipe down. This also works best if you keep needed cleaning supplies in each room that needs them. The bathroom and kitchen may need different supplies, so keep them in the appropriate place to access them quickly. I realize this may not work if you have little ones and you need to keep supplies up high. Do what you can though.

Another example: If you are in the laundry room swapping out the laundry, do a quick wipe down of your washer and dryer. This could be the outside or the inside. It won’t take long at all!

If you’re finishing up in the shower, take an extra couple of minutes and get the cleaning supplies and wipe down the shower.

Having disinfectant wipes handy in the bathroom can also make wiping down the toilets a breeze. You can also buy your cleaning supplies in bulk so that you won’t be out of stock when you decide that you want to clean.

If you are doing your makeup, while looking in the bathroom mirror – quickly get the glass cleaner and wipe down the mirror.

Doing your cleaning in little bits like this will cut down the stress and not get you overwhelmed by thinking you have to have the whole house cleaned at once. Your whole house will be clean before you know it, without having to really think about it. Most of these added steps to your routine won’t take much time at all.

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