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5 Top Attractions in St. Louis

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The Top 5 Attractions in St. Louis: #4 is the Missouri Botanical Garden

#4 Missouri Botanical Garden – Let me begin by saying that you will want to check the heat index before your visit. We picked a very hot day, which shortened our visit, but we LOVED the gardens and found them to be extremely beautiful and fascinating. Us Californians are not used to high humidity, which made us wimps for the heat. However, the humidity is what creates such beautiful flora that can’t be seen in California. The park is huge and would need at least three hours (more if you love plants) to really check it out. Think the kids won’t enjoy botanical gardens? You’d be wrong! My kiddos loved some of the different plant varieties, but especially loved the lizards climbing the banana trees, and the kids’ area with bridges, climbing structures, and splash pad. I truly wish we had more time, and more heat tolerance to stay here longer.

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