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HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE – Day 24: Win a Piece of Custom Jewelry from MakerCraft


Today’s Giveaway comes to you from MakerCraft, a custom jewelry company that helps take the guesswork out of designing your own jewelry. Having spent hours, myself, in front of the bead section at my local craft store, I loved hearing about MakerCraft and spending some time at the MakerCraft blog. Owner and creator, Corissa McClays says, “I founded a company to make it easier for women to express their personal style.”  Their first product is an app that lets women design and order the perfect jewelry for their personal style. They also offer gift codes, so if you don’t want to design a gift you can give someone else the money to design for themselves. The beauty of MakerCraft is that every piece is made to order via an iPad app. You don’t have to have an iPad to win this Giveaway, they will design the piece of jewelry for the winner, if you don’t have the iPad.

When you visit the blog, you’ll learn about their Fashionable Color Theory. They discuss how to use colors implementing monochromatic and analogous color schemes. They also teach you how to blend in many of their custom components which really individualizes your custom piece of jewelry. I wish I’d known about this before I wasted time and money buying way more beads and components than I ever needed at the craft store. Many people who’ve been successful designing their own jewelry at MakerCraft say ‘I don’t know about design,” or “I’m not at all artistic.” Yet once they learn a few tips at MakerCraft they’ve designed pieces that get the attention and compliments of others when they wear their custom jewelry. Think budget fashionista, and you’ll love MakerCraft!

Here is one of MakerCraft’s recent blog posts which expresses their idea behind custom jewelry making:

Right now it can be difficult to find jewelry that fits your style.
We spend time searching store after store where everything is a variation on whatever theme or color is currently ‘in’. Or you can spend hours digging through Etsy, hoping to stumble on just the right set of earrings. A craft-minded person might make their own. Even there you’re still sinking time into learning how to make your jewelry (limiting your selection to what you know how to make), and you’re paying for more beads and string than you will actually use.

It shouldn’t be so hard!
MakerCraft was started with a simple goal: Make it easier and less expensive to buy custom goods. Personal style is important, but we’re all just far too busy to keep going as we are.
We’re building a way for people to design their own jewelry. Select the parts you want to use from a large set of options. Search for the perfect color, or theme, or material. Then create your necklace. Or earrings, or bracelets, or anklets. Use your personal fashion sense to make something that is purely you.
Stick with us. It’ll be an interesting journey, and along the way we’ll change how people buy custom goods.

Because I don’t have an iPad, MakerCraft designed a necklace for me, and I love it! My necklace came with really pretty blue beads, interspersed with some black and purple beads, and a star component. I wore it just yesterday and it matched my outfit perfectly, without even planning it! I also received many compliments on it. I don’t wear necklaces very often because I have a difficult time finding the right one to go with the right outfit, but I’m realizing that necklaces have become so popular and just about anything goes. I was so excited to receive a necklace from MakerCraft, to add to my small, but growing collection.

One Clever Housewife reader will win a 100% off voucher to design their own piece of jewelry at MakerCraft, or a custom piece to be designed for them, if they don’t own an iPad!

This giveaway will end at 11:59pm on 12/8.

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Mandatory Entry

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*MakerCraft provided a piece of custom jewelry to me to facilitate my review.

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