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Saving Stained Clothes with Resolve Pre-Treat #ResolveMyStain

Disclosure: This is a sponsored video for Resolve that I have been compensated for & received free product for through Burst Media. I have provided parental contest for my child being in this video.

Between my boys diving to catch a ball or wrestling on the grass, and my little girl playing outside or getting into makeup, we get enough spots and stains to last a lifetime. I cannot even begin to tell you how disappointed I have been over ruined clothes because I couldn’t get the stains out. I feel as though I am getting better and better at getting stains out, with the older I get. Either practice makes perfect, or I just keep getting smarter about getting the right products, and going through the best process!

resolve pre-treat

The same day I received a bottle of Resolve Pre-Treat in the mail, my husband happened to stick 4 articles of clothing on the dryer, all ready to be treated for stains. We had a dress shirt with an ink stain on it, a t-shirt with fingernail polish (haven’t figured that one out yet), a pair of girl’s leggings with mildew from sitting wet in a bag, and a pair of of little girl’s shirts that had dirt and grass stains on the rear. Each one of these pieces of clothing had been washed once before, but the stains remained. I decided to tackle them with my new bottle of Resolve Pre-Treat, and was pleased with the results!

My little girl now has two more bottoms that she is able to wear, thanks to Resolve!

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