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Hot Tub Dance Party with Big G Cereal in the CerealWars

Big G Cereals #CerealWars

When it comes down to it, who really doesn’t enjoy playing with their food? I’m sure that to a certain extent we’ve all got that side to us that just wants to dig our fingers into our food to see what we can create with it! Still not sure that’s you? What about the cereal boxes that come with a prize inside – you don’t mind digging around some cereal for those do you?

Big G Cereals Star Wars Collectible Pens

Big G Cereal has done it again. Back by popular demand, Big G Cereals and Star Wars have teamed up to make cereal time more fun! Start working on those collections because select General Mills cereals will include eight collectible figure pens featuring various characters from “Star Wars” episodes. You can find these little gems from now until the end of the year.

General Mills Cereal #CerealWars

May the Force be with you

Now is the time where I ask all of you to get your hands a little dirty and have some fun with your cereal! Pick up a box of participating Big G Cereals so you can get your collectible figure pen. Then create a short video that recreates epic Star Wars scenes, using your pens of course. These will be called “Cereal Wars: The Edible Episodes.” If you want to get really creative, you can even make up your very own scene like I did with my Hot Tub Dance Party – Star Wars style! Then tag your video with #CerealWars on Instagram, and if you choose to, you can even upload your video to a special General Mills Tumblr site, to be included in an episode. Be sure to check out the other videos that have been uploaded, because they are a hoot!

Cereal Wars


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