Day 1 of the Yoplait Two Week Tuneup (weight loss) – Success

I’ve been struggling the past little while, to drop this last 10 pounds that I’ve been wanting to get rid of! I’ve been following weight watchers forever and have had a lot of success, but after being sick for 3 weeks and unable to exercise like I normally would, I thought I was ready for a little change. The Yoplait Two Week Tuneup was recently accounced, which I posted about HERE. They are advertising losing about 5 lbs in two weeks. I thought I’d give it a try. I was amazed at all the tools they had to offer: menu plans, recipes, etc. I did my menu plan on their website, which was so simple, then I went shopping.

It looks like it is going to be a super healthy diet with tons of fruits and vegetables. You eat low calorie / carb type meals for the first two meals of the day (and veggies for snacks), then you eat a high protein meal for dinner. Well after day 1, I can say I feel good about this already. I wasn’t hungry all day like I thought I would be and the dinner was amazing!

My first recipe that I got from Yoplait was the Thai Chicken with Basil served on top of steamed peppers. YUM!! It was fun to try a new recipe and I thought it was DELISH! I served the chicken on top of rice for the rest of my family and they thought it was tasty too. I will definitely be having that again soon!

Now for the results: after day 1, I have already lost 1.6 lbs!!! Granted, some of that may be temporary weight from all the goodies I had this weekend, but I feel good about it.

*Let me know if you’d like me to send you the recipe. Or you can look it up on Yoplait’s site.

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