3 Nickelodeon DVDs for Review and Giveaway: iCarly, Merry Christmas and Team UmiZoomi

I was lucky enough to receive three new Nickelodeon DVDs to review and giveaway to one Clever Housewife reader. Nickelodeon provided me with a copy of Nickelodeon’s “Merry Christmas!”, Team UmiZoomi: “Journey To Numberland”, and “iCarly” The Complete 3rd Season, on DVD.

My kids and I have had such a fun time watching each of these movies, and they would make a great gift for just about any child. I love the range in age that these three movies can be appreciated by. I will start with the first movie pictured, “Merry Christmas!”. This dvd comes with six “Snowy Adventures” with features of, “Dora the Explorer”, “Blue’s Clues”, “Go, Diego, Go!”, “Team Umizoomi”, “Wonder Pets!” and “Ni Hao, Kai-lan”.

Many of you know that I have 4 kids from 2 to nearly 8. They all thoroughly enjoyed this dvd and it will be one that they watch over and over again. I love the shows that are featured on the Merry Christmas! dvd because they each get my children to interact with the show. Rather than just sit and watch the show silently, these shows ask for participation from the kids. My kids get involved and answer questions asked by the show, or shout out in excitement. I also loved that the Blue’s Clues episode told a little about several of the holidays that different people and religions celebrate.

The dvd also comes with a Special Feature of a Fresh Beat Band Music Video: “Snow Day”. You can purchase the Nickelodeon, “Merry Christmas!” dvd for $13.99 on Amazon right now. Another great thing about the dvd is that it isn’t just a 30 minute dvd, but it is 148 minutes! It would also make for some great entertainment during some of your holiday travels.

The next dvd that my kids and I watched is the “iCarly”, 3rd Season. I have to say, that my oldest and I sat and watched in about two days. Aside from how much tv that meant we watched in 2 days (shhh), we both really enjoyed the dvd, and the fact that we could sit and watch as many episodes as we wanted in one sitting. I have to admit that I was really hooked! I found the show hilarious and very captivating. If you have anyone who is an iCarly fan, this dvd would be a great gift! Be sure to check out the other seasons on dvd as well. You can find the “iCarly”, 3rd Season, for $15.99 on Amazon.

The Team UmiZommi “Journey To Numberland” is so adorable. I think the characters are adorable and the voices are also adorable. They take counting to a new level, and really got my kids involved in the counting. Although 3 out of 4 of my kids already know how to count, they still really enjoyed the movie. This dvd is goig to be great in teaching my youngest, Brielle, to count, in a fun way. “Journey To Numberland” has some cute songs that they sing about numbers, and I have always been a fan of teaching through music.

You can find the Team UmiZoomi: Journey To Numberland dvd for $13.99 on Amazon.

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  • I would give these to my four kids. Three of the kids are my sons and the third is my niece whom i have custody through the courts. She has had a rough life before she came to me and she LOVES iCarly and Nick Jr. Thanks if I get picked!

  • I’d give the Team Umizoomi to my 6 year old Daughter; the Merry Christmas to my 4 year old daughter; and the iCarly DVD to my 11 year old daughter. We absolutely love Nickelodeon in our house!

  • I would LOVE to give these DVD’s to my daughter and son for Christmas. They both love all 3 shows, and my son especially has been wanting Team Umi Zumi’s Journey to Numberland. Money is tight right now, so winning them would make me a happy mommy!

  • I would give these movies to my 4 year old son! He would love them!


  • I would like to give these movies to my daughters for Christmas. I have a daughter for each age range. Purrrfect.

  • i would give the icarly to my daughter, and the others to my little nephew jaxson!

  • My kids would love these! A few years ago, I won a Dora Christmas CD and it has become a favorite, especially in winter on our way up to the cabin. What a great addition this would be.

  • I would give them to my great-niece! She loves umizoomi and Dora!! My daughter would love the iCarly one!

  • My three year old will be over the moon for the Merry Christmas and the Team Umizoomi moves. The iCarly movie, I will happily gift to my best friend for her three daughters–it will delight the girls but not so much their parents!

  • I would love to give these movies to my daughters who love all three shows they are 2 and 3 years old and would be so excited to receive these movies as a gift for Christmas.

  • I would give these to may 6 year old granddaughter for Christmas. She would have a fit!! She loves all of these programs. She has had a rough year, Mommy & Daddy decided to separate, so of course she is sad. And being a grandma, you know I want to do everything in my power to spoil her and make her happy. Thanks bunches for this opportunity to win!!

  • My 3 yr old son would just die for these 🙂 He loves Nickelodeon ESP Umizoomi and Icarly. He loves Icarly more so now that he has a baby sister named Karley lol . Would really make his day to win these!

  • Thank you for sharing Suzanne! I hope your granddaughter does get some good spoilage in!

  • My boyfriend has two daughters that would absolutely LOVE these. They are always watching the nickelodeon channel. His youngest is ALWAYS asking to watch dora or UmiZoomi. This would be perfect.

  • I would give this to my 4 year old son for Christmas! He’d be thrilled!


  • I would give these DVD’s to my niece and nephew. My niece LOVES Dora, and nephew loves Umi Zoomi. I’m pretty sure they’re step brother would like iCarly too 🙂

  • I would give MerrY ChRistmas and icarly to my kiddos and the other one to my nephew- this is an awesome package!:)

  • I would give the Merry Christmas and umizoomi to my 4 yr old son as he is a wonder pets fan and likes umizoomi.The icarly would be great for my 3 older kids.They have seen every episode of that show. Thanks!

  • I would give these to my daughter, if I won, for Christmas. She watches all of these shows everyday on Nick and Nick Jr

  • I would give this to my 3 year old Daughter, she loves Nick Jr.. She can name just about all the Nick Jr. charcters.

  • i would love to give these to my kids ages 4 and 12 one is boy(4) and the other is a girl(12).they love both of these shows thanks for the offer to win keep up the good work

  • My 2yr old niece would love the Merry Christmas Nickelodeon and Team UmiZoomi movies! I’d give the ICarly dvds to my son (who likes ICarly but doesn’t tell his friends that! lol)!

  • I would love to get some stocking holders for my boys stockings, they are so expensive and we are just using nails and it looks pretty tacky, lol.

  • I would just buy necessities like gas. I dont have a job right now so any little bit helps. thank you!

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