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For those who’ve suffered the devastating loss of a child though miscarriage, stillborn birth, infant mortality and even abortion, finding words of solace and comfort is a journey. And only those who’ve made the journey can know how difficult the process is.

Tommy Mann, from Tommy Mann Ministries, makes a valiant effort to ease the pain for those who suffer with his book “Asleep in Heaven’s Nursery”. His book is rife with Christian philosophy, and while I may not agree with him on all points, I find his effort worthy of careful examination. I must caution those who are looking for help, that this book might be better for someone with a bit a space from their tragedy. It attempts to cover a large territory of loss, and those who’ve lost a little one recently may have trouble with chapters that don’t apply to their personal loss. Much of the book deals with loss through abortion, which might have been better treated in a separate book. I believe that Tommy envisioned that those chapters could simply be skipped if they do not apply to you. He really tries to cover a variety of losses that one could experience.

He covers such topics as: When is a baby considered a life? Is my baby really in heaven? What will my baby look like in heaven? Is there an age of accountability? Is God punishing me? Is adoption really a good alternative to abortion? Can I be forgiven for my abortion?

Because of my own faith, I didn’t have trouble with the why’s and where’s when my newborn infant passed after two days with me, but I can understand how those questions can be troublesome for those who lack any religious affiliation. Mr. Mann uses his personal experience and his religious training as a pastor to offer comfort and answers to those who may be suffering with the burden of loss.

The book offers a comforting message of renewal and consolation; however, I would use caution if you’re hoping to offer this as a gift idea for those in these particular situations. You would have to be very close, and very understanding of the individual’s belief system to feel comfortable giving this book as a gift. As stated earlier, if you have had some space from your tragedy, but are still looking for some answers or trying to find your place, this book may be a good fit for you.

It has been a pleasure working with Tommy Mann, and I believe he has a big heart and a big desire to help others.You can purchase a copy of this book at or

If you or someone you know has experience a loss of an infant, then you are welcome to enter this giveaway of one free copy of “Asleep In Heaven’s Nursery.”

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Mr. Mann has provided me with a book to facilitate my review, as well as a book for a giveaway.

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  • I liked site and am letting you know. I suffered 2 miscarriages befor I finally went full term with my daughter of almost 22 years. I had such a bad time during my pregnancy that they shredded and burned my tubes so I could have no more children. Oh how I wish I could. he doctor told me though that if I tried again I could die. I mad ethe decision to be able to watch my only child to grow up and become a wonderful young woman and I am so blessed to have her and know tha she was brought up eo be that way. I love my daughter and would not trade the experience for anything in the world.

  • Thank you for sharing your experience with me Misty. Your experience sounds very rough, and I am so glad that you do have your daughter to love and to watch grow up!

  • I shared my story on Tommy Mann Ministries and “liked”. I’ve already shared w/you on your wall. I have been a subscriber via email and FB. I don’t twitter, cuz I don’t understand it, and I don’t google, sorry

  • I would be getting this for a friend. I had two miscarriages before I had my son, and it was so hard. I have a friend who would benefit from this book, she has been trying so hard and has just suffered her fourth miscarriage, and even though I have been there- there really is nothing you can say.

  • I lost a daughter we named Sara in 2004. There are so many of us out there who have stories of such a loss. We really need to support each other and lift up those who will suffer a loss in the future.

  • I started reading this book to gain hope for our future after 3 recurrent miscarriages with no children. I am adopted and having my own biological children with my husband is my dream.

    When I came to the Chapter “Its Not Your Fault” and the author said, “Is God Punishing Me…….this should NOT be ruled out” I was in absolute shock. Then he went on to say that there are several undeniable occurrences in the Bible in which a child was lost or a woman became infertile as punishment for sin”. DO NOT BUY this book if you are looking for support with what you are going through. I believe there is no rhyme or reason why women have miscarriages, it happens to wonderful christian couples too. There are terrible people out there that have children of their own so the thought of good people being punished for their sin is preposterous. You do need to have faith that God is shaping our future in some way though.

    There were no reviews on this book when I purchased it so hopefully this will help you. I stopped reading the book after what I addressed above so there might some good in the book later. I just did not want to read something by an author (Pastor) that believed that. I highly doubt he would have written that before he had his child.

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