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A Natural Fit: Wholly Guacamole + Hormel Natural Choice Lunch Meat

Wholly Guacamole + Hormel Natural Choice Lunch Meat

Wholly Guacamole® and Hormel® Natural Choice® are the perfect healthy combination.  I recently got a Panini maker for my birthday and I have been trying to find all kinds of fun ways to use it. I recently got a sample of Wholly Guacamole and Hormel Natural Choice Turkey, so I thought what better way to break in my Panini maker that with these healthy treats.  Boy, did it make some great eats for my family and me.  Next time I will have to snap a picture because I didn’t have one handy.

I have always loved Wholly Guacamole, but to add Turkey makes a perfect meal with all of the fixings and some great bread.   Hormel® Natural Choice® & Wholly Guacamole® Classic and Spicy Snack Packs are both all natural with no preservatives or additives, and are gluten free.

My husband’s doctor recently recommended lean meats such as turkey to help with his high cholesterol.  The Hormel® Natural Choice® fits that description very well and also contains 0 MSG and 0 nitrates.  To top it off, my husband loves the taste.

Wholly Guacamole® Classic and Spicy Snack Packs come in large 100 calorie packs that will help with my figure and New Year’s weight loss and health goals.  When I don’t want watch my intake quite as carefully, it makes the perfect chip dip in the world.  My family and I enjoyed this snack on the afternoon of Christmas Eve.  As always Wholly Guacamole® Classic and Spicy Snack Packs packaged conveniently to freeze and thaw as needed for a fresh taste every time.

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*Photo credit: Two Belles Fitness

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