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Egg-in-the-Hole for Breakfast

I wouldn’t exactly call egg-in-the-hole a recipe, but it sure is a tasty and easy meal at my house! My kids are huge fans of egg-in-the-hole; as well as myself. In fact, when I haven’t prepared something for dinner in advance, we will often go with something quick and easy like egg-in-the-hole.

I have learned over the years that not everyone knows what egg-in-the-hole is, so I thought I would share with you a long time breakfast dish from my childhood. What I call egg-in-the-hole has many other names such as egg in a basket, bird’s nest, cowboy eggs and more. Here are the easy steps that you take to get your yummy breakfast.

Tear a hole in a slice of bread. I will often use the rim of a small cup to cut a nice round hole. Sometimes I will just use my fingers and tear out a circle. Be sure to do this neatly as we don’t like to waste any of the bread.

I will sometimes pre-butter one side of the bread and bread center, then drop the opposite side in a buttered frying pan. Tonight I just used more butter on my griddle and did not pre-butter the bread. It worked out fine. After melting the butter in a pan or griddle, I spread the bread around in the pan, to make sure both sides have some butter.

Crack an egg into the open hole of the bread and fry until desired consistency. I will occasionally use a little salt here. Now you have a couple of different options. If you like your eggs sunnyside-up then you can stop at this step. I love my eggs over-easy so I will flip and seal up the opposite site briefly before serving. You can also cover with a lid to give your egg more of a poached effect.

I’d love to hear if you are familiar with this dish, and what you call it!

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