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A week ago today I had all of you nominate a project or recipe from Pinterest, then on Friday we took a vote. The reading corner won! Well, I’ve got my reading corner finished (mostly). There are some final touches I’d like to make, but it’s pretty much there. The reading corner is inspired by a pin by Of course, I had to use a space that I had available, which I find to be the perfect reading corner! In fact, my kids ACTUALLY put themselves in it and are reading right now. This has got to be a first!!!

Here is how I got my supplies, which I hope you will do too because it wasn’t that challenging and pretty affordable!


I got my book holders from Good Will. They were actual silver planter boxes that I spray painted black, to match some of my frames in my house. You can really use anything here. The original used spice racks. My planters were $1.99 each ($5.97 so far).

Then I picked up 4 black photo frames from the Dollar Tree ($9.97 so far). I was excited to find that the Dollar Tree actually had 8.5×11 photo frames, because that is what I needed!


For the photos, I think you will love this! I printed off images of poster replicas of the National  Book Festival of The Library of Congress & Laura Bush. You can download the National Book Festival posters for free!


I wanted something a little extra to go on the wall so I purchased a wooden owl from Michaels, for $2.40 after coupon, ($12.37 so far). You can use something you already have on hand, or nothing at all. I spray painted the owl black and plan to give him a face and feathers eventually.

The most expensive part of the project was the letters that I painted, for “READ”. I could have found them cheaper elsewhere I’m sure, but my mom liked these and insisted on buying them for this project. The letters were purchased at Michaels for $2.99 each. If you buy one at a time you can use the 40% off coupons that come in the paper or with their app!

Reading Corner total: $24.33. Spray paint was already on hand.


What do you all think? I think the pictures just don’t even do it justice! hehe

Now I need you to nominate next week’s project from Pinterest! First make sure you are following my boards here. Then leave a comment below with a link to a pin that you want me to attempt this coming week. Please try to keep something fairly budget friendly. It can be a craft, recipe, organization, etc. I would love for you to also share what projects you have worked on recently!

Tomorrow I will pick 3-5 of my favorite nominations and you will vote.

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