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Amazon has a 5 star baking book that might be handy to have! Get The Home Baking Glossary of Terms (In the Pantry Baking Standards) by Joyce Middleton, for FREE (Reg. $2.99). From the looks of it, this book is great for those who love to bake or who are learning to bake/cook. Here is a bit of what you will find in this book:

– What is a Baba and what does it contain?
– The recipe calls for Anjou Pears and you only have Bartlett Pears; is one a valid substitute for the other?
– Your recipe lists a scant cup of flour as one of the ingredients. How much is a scant?
– Have you ever wondered why your Pyrex baked breads and cakes always have a dark, almost burned crust?
– What is the firm ball stage?
– Why does the recipe instruct not use a pan with a nonstick coating?
– Why do I need a pastry cloth?
– What’s a pastry crimper?
– Can I use a sheet cake pan in place of a jelly roll pan?
– What is a standard?
– Can I use tapioca in puddings and thickeners?
– How do I know if my bread is underproofed?
– What’s the difference between pure vanilla extract and imitation vanilla extract?

Amazon prices are always changing, so it may not be free for long!


Thanks A Thrifty Mom!

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