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Easy and Affordable Easter Centerpiece

easter centerpiece


This week, in honor of Easter, I chose to do an Easter Centerpiece, inspired by Mix Mingle Glow.

Easter Centerpiece

green jelly beans – we used about 1/2 cup, but if you use a larger vase or jar, you will need more
Bunny Peeps – the number will depend on how large your container is. We used 6.
2 Small clear plastic cups, for holding flowers
flowers of your choice
1  clear vase or jar – Any kind of jar – square, oval, round, or whatever you can find! We used a smallish mason jar.

Layer your green jelly beans in the bottom of your vase.
Try not to separate your Peeps and place them inside the jar, so that the Peeps are all facing out.
Carefully wedge your small plastic cup down in the center of your Peeps. We found this was the easiest and cleanest way to do this.
In another small plastic cup, place your flowers with water. We used 1/6 of a Pony pack, so we could plant it in the ground after our event.
Stick your cup of flowers down inside the other cup that is already in your jar/vase.
Then pick a cute ribbon to wrap around your jar/vase! These are adorable. We are going to be making several for centerpieces for a church breakfast.

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  • Cute! I see you give credit to the original pinner but how about giving credit to the one that suggested it as a weekly challenge? I think that would be a nice thing to do. Just a thought…

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