Free Kindle Book: Baby’s First Zombie Book

First of all, can you believe this? Yes – today you can actually get a free Kindle book called “Baby’s First Zombie Book“. And it’s for real too!! Rather than really get into this, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Do you think it’s important to teach and warn your little ones about Zombies? Do you find the idea of Zombies foolish? I actually quite enjoy the description:

“Buy this book for your kids and you’ll be giving them the greatest gift of all—a fighting chance at surviving the inevitable zombie apocalypse. Start them young and they’ll live to thank you later.

This is a short rhyming book that has colorful illustrations of real-world zombie situations on every page. Potential buyers should be aware that this book contains graphic situations that many might find overly violent and inappropriate for children. If that sounds like too much for you or your child then I’ve got just two things to say to you: 1) don’t buy this book, and 2) the other survivors and I will have no problems shooting your zombified self in the head and ransacking your home for supplies.

It’s not personal, it’s survival.”

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  • I am so getting this free Kindle Book, then when I babysit my grandkids and they won’t mind, I’ll just scare the stuffin’ out of them. We all must be armed against the Zombie apocalypse – right??

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