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Playing Hookie: Ferris Bueller Style

Aaahhh – I’m so excited! Hubby just called and decided to play hookie from school for the rest of the week, and he’s coming home!!!! 4 full days with my husband – oh the possibilities! We so need this. I’m even thinking about disconnecting our phones and just living in our own little world. What do you think? He will still need to study some, and I will blog some, but it will be so nice. Everyone needs to play hookie every once in a while. I think it does the mind, body, and soul some good. I’m already thinking of the ways we could spend the weekend. The past few weekends hubby has been home, we have had big house and yard projects, but I just want to enjoy our family. I am thinking a walk with little girl, in the morning, is the perfect way to begin. I think we have the latest Mission Impossible movie that just came in the mail, so we’ve got to watch that at some point. Can’t wait! If you have any fun suggestions for how we should play hookie, leave a comment! Perhaps there should be some singing in the shower? 

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