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The Day the Paint Came Down

Oh dear. Where do I even begin? Last week, I decided to paint Litte Girl’s bedroom, because the dirty walls have been driving me crazy. When we bought our home in January, it had all of the original paint, flooring and everything. I’m not sure why home builders use flat paint in children’s rooms – oh wait, it’s because they’re cheap – because children are dirty little creatures. Love them to pieces, but can they really keep their dirty feet off the wall? Anyway, the walls had been washed before we moved in, but still bothered me.

I decided to paint one wall pink and the other three walls, of Little Girl’s room, a light green/yellow color. The color is actually called “Cabbage”, to be precise. While I was working on the pink wall with my mom, Little Girl decided she wanted to help, and get the green paint out of the garage for us. As she was climbing the stairs, I heard a loud thump. I kind of laughed and said, “I think Brielle dropped the paint”. And my mom shouts out, “The lids on those things can pop off”. So I went a running down the hall and down the stairs, to find this:

I didn’t yell at Little Girl, but just kept saying “oh my gosh, oh my gosh”. You get the picture. As soon as I came down the stairs, Brielle knew something bad had happened. She ran and hid in the bathroom, or her brother’s room (I’m not really sure). And just cried and cried for a while, while my mom and I attempted to clean up the mess. We shouted up to her to let her know it was okay, but she felt awful. We don’t have great carpet, because it is the cheapest that KB Homes puts into their homes, so I knew that the gallon of spilled paint would not be coming out.

My mom hollered for me to get a dustpan, because unfortunately, something similar, but not to this magnitute, had happened to her within the past month or so. In addition to the dustpan, she reminded me to grab the camera. Something like this has got to be documented right?

After scooping and dumping, and blotting, that paint was not coming out. I debated between calling a carpet cleaning company or the homeowner’s insurance. I did both. The carpet company came and lifted the carpet to see that the pad had in fact been reached. He was kind enough not to charge me to attempt at cleaning the paint mess, because he knew it wouldn’t do the job.

Here comes new flooring for the Lyon Household! Did I mention that Fox 40 News was to be arriving at my house for my SaveMore interview, the next day? I was a tad stressed, but they were so understanding. And – they were careful not to get my nasty carpet on the news.

I only wish I didn’t have a $1,000 deductible – ouch! However, I contacted my local Carpet One store, and it looks like we may work together on the project of the day the Paint came down! I’m thinking laminate downstairs, and take some of our cleaner carpet in the living room, to cover the stairs. What do you think? I can’t decide if I should take it into the kitchen, or keep my vinyl for now, and tile later. Thoughts?


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  • for me personally I’d go with the laminate inb the kitchen also. it looks so nice and its durable. the tile looks pretty but they’re not as durable and they’re cold also(plus you’ll have grout lines to clean. I have laminate in my kitchen and love it! I would suggest just carpeting the tops of the stairs rather the whole thing and just painting the fronts. (CAREFULLY) LOL! what ever you choose, I’m sure it will look nice!

  • Oh man! At least you will be getting new floors out of the deal. I like the idea of laminate downstairs. You will definitely want a couple area rugs though to keep the noise level down.

  • Ugh! What a nasty mess. The only carpet in our whole house is in the master bedroom (which we’ll be changing once the old house sells). Laminate downstairs would be nice, but I’d wait and do tile in the kitchen. However, I do really like the look of the grouted vinyl tiles in the kitchen at our old place. Never having use it that way though, I have no idea how well they hold up.

  • Yikes!!!! I’m so sorry Emily!!! That’s horrible, but At the same time reAlly funny because I can imagine that exact thing happening to us!!! That’s one way to get new flooring!

  • This was a horrible day, and not fun to repeat the paint on the carpet ordeal. I freaked! Actually, not only did the paint fall down, but at my house the poop came up, cuz our septic tank decided it was full that day! This is not a day I care to ever repeat.

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