Easy Way to Hull Strawberries

Hull Strawberries


I have a super fun and easy way to hull strawberries, that doesn’t require a knife. In those Summer months where juicy fresh strawberries are irresistible, grab this easy tip to enjoy them all Summer long. If you want to keep your strawberries in tact, but want to remove the stem, the just use a straw! By hulling strawberries with a straw, you can even let the kids do it! Then if you still want them sliced, you can do that after. The other benefit of hulling strawberries using a straw, is that you don’t waste any of the juicy red parts, by cutting off the tops.

Simply take a straw and shove it up through the strawberry, beginning at the center of the bottom of the strawberry. Push the straw all the way through until it pushes the stem up and out. Then you can pull the stem and strawberry center out of the straw, and move on to the rest. It’s kind of cool to see the need little cylinder/center of the strawberry come out so neat and cleanly. On occasion the stem is a little large, so you may have to go through the bottom a second time, to get it all.

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