How to Freshen Your Mattress, and Ban Those Dust Mites

How to Freshen Your Mattress and Ban Dust Mites! Your bed deserves this easy cleaning tip, and so do you!

Ready to find out How to Freshen Your Mattress and Ban Dust Mites?

Does the thought of microscopic critters living on your mattress conjure up the gag reflex in you? It does me. I don’t even want to think about it, but it’s a fact of human existence. Dust mites live in the dust particles around your home. They feed on the dead skin humans shed daily. One of their favorite places to live is on your bedding, including fabric of your mattress. Washing your bed sheets weekly is the recommended way to control dust mites. I recently read that you can even go every two weeks, but 3 weeks is the max!

Now, every few months or more often, if you’re creeped out about dust mites living where you sleep, you should freshen up your mattress. Strip off those sheets and mattress pad, wash them in hot water, and while this is going on, get ready to attack those mighty mites.

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