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Undie Shorts – Both Underwear AND Shorts

I recently discovered a product that is fabulous for little girls! Undie Shorts are both underwear AND shorts, all in one. When I first found out about these comfy little pieces, I just had to get them for Little Girl. This multi-purpose apparel has a protective lining, which makes them  safe to use as underwear, as well as shorts. They have more coverage than underwear, so when a little girl’s skirt flips up (which happens a lot with little ones), nobody feels like people can see the little girl’s panties!

Undie Shorts come in black and white and can be worn by themselves, as a short, or as an under garment. The first time that Little Girl wore them, was for our 12 hour car ride. I wanted her to have something really comfy to wear and Undie Shorts seemed like the perfect fit. No worries about wedgies, or underwear showing through her white shorts! These shorts would be perfect for gymnastics classes as well! They are truly comfortable and adorable.

As I said earlier, I think Undie Shorts are ideal for little girls to wear underneath their dresses or skirts. I don’t know about your daughters/granddaughters, but mine will sometimes stand in the aisle at church and lift up her dress. Not for effect or anything, but just because she is in lala land. Undie Shorts are the perfect remedy for such instances.

Undie Shorts comes in girls sizes 2-12. You will want to look at the sizing chart, as they are sized slightly different than a regular pair of shorts. My package came with one white pair and one black pair, but you will want to double check that all shipments come with each.


“I’m working with Moms Do It Better & received a pair of Undie Shorts at no charge for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”

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