DIY Make Your Own Clorox Clean-Up

DIY Make Your Own Clorox Clean-Up

Courtesy of Adventures of a Couponista, I’ve got an awesome diy project for you. This project is sure to save your wallet tons! Sign me up! We all have to have some form of cleaning products on hand – well, if we want to be clean, right? So, you might as well save where you can so you can have more to do what you want. That’s my motto anyway! I’m going to teach you how to make your own Clorox Clean-Up, at just $.10 per bottle. I think I’d rather pay $.10 per bottle versus up to the retail value of $4.99 per bottle. You may never want to go back to purchasing Clorox Clean-Up again!

DIY Make Your Own Clorox Clean Up
  • 1/4 cup of Bleach
  • 1 Teaspoon of Laundry Detergent
  • 1 Empty Plastic Spray Bottle (How about an empty Clorox Clean-Up bottle?)
  • Water
  1. Rinse out your plastic spray bottle and then add the bleach and laundry detergent.
  2. Fill the remainder of the bottle with tap water. Shake to mix.
  3. Easy as that!


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  • Anyone actually try it?? Or i everyone just gonna comment : “sounds like a great idea!”

  • I’ve been doing this for a while and it works that same as the store bought one. I use it everyday to clean up after my pets and it works great. Just be careful when filling it with water, some times there are to many bubbles. I fill it half way then shake it up, then fill it the whole way and shake one last time. I use my roommates bleach so the only thing this recipe costs me is a teaspoon of my laundry soap, super cost effective.

  • I just used it to clean all 3 of my bathrooms. I used dreft liquid laundry detergent. It smells great. But not an over bearing bleach smell. But you can smell the bleach. Which makes me feel better knowing it’s still disinfecting. I will never buy Clorox clean up again. Thanks so much for the tip. 😉

  • I’m using this to disinfect after my son has been sick. I mixed in all baby detergent and derft scent inhancers and it smells amazing and clean.

  • The recipe for DIY Clorox CleanUp does not say what size empty bottle to start with. I buy Clorox CleanUp in a 32 oz (one quart) bottle and will use that for my own mix.

    A smaller bottle would, indeed, make a quarter cup of Clorox a rather strong mix.

  • Would powdered laundry detergent work or Borax or Arm & Hammer? I’ve been doing my own DIY products lately and DAWN dish soap is quite popular in them. Would that suffice? My DIY laundry detergent is a concentrated powder mix with laundry softener in it… want to try to avoid using that. TY

  • I have been making this clean-up solution for years. I have always used Dawn and the solution works great.

  • I appreciate finding this recipe online- and I am going to see what else you have to offer as I have always been a DIY kinda gal. I have survived MS and have been hyper-sensitive to chemicals, thus über-cautious with any coming into my home. Bleach is one I can’t do without- as well as white vinegar and ACV.
    I use diatomaceous earth, (food grade) to keep the house and yard flea free. I put some in the palm of my hand and rub it in along the spine from head to toe to ward off fleas. And I add DE and turmeric to my pets’ canned foods to reduce chances of cancer and UTIs. So far, so great. This came about when one cat, Jasper, was diagnosed with skin cancer about 12 years ago and given just 3 months to live. I googled ‘skin cancer, feline’ and found the first few sites recommended turmeric- I did a bunch of research and put everybody on turmeric. Jasper lived 8 more wonderful, happy and active years.’
    My 11-year-old lab, Ronan, has a neurological condition that has crippled his rear legs- I call this Bumblebutt Syndrome’ as his butt swings wildly as he gets around. Recently I find myself cleaning up after him in the house 3-5x a week.
    Otherwise, he’s healthy, happy and gets around very well in a dog-wheelchair.
    As I am cleaning up these horrible biological messes more and more often and this spray IS rather expensive, I am happier now having this recipe/mix on hand.

  • I’m not sure the ratios suggested are correct.
    My 32-oz bottle of Clorox® Clean-Up® Cleaner + Bleach indicates it is 1.84% Sodium Hypochlorite.
    A regular Clorox Bleach has 5.25% Sodium Hypochlorite.
    Note that Clorox Concentrated and Clorox Ultra have different concentrations!
    So for every part of regular Clorox Bleach you add if you also add 2 parts of water then you will end up with approximately the same concentration of Sodium Hypochlorite that is advertised in Clorox® Clean-Up® Cleaner + Bleach. So 10oz of bleach to 20oz of water for 32oz bottle.
    If you only add 1/4 cup (4oz) of Bleach to a 32oz bottle, then your concentration of bleach will be only about 1/8th the concentration of the Clorox® Clean-Up® Cleaner + Bleach.

  • Nice post. Must recommend this to my friends. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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