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Oraline Toothbrush Sanitizer Easy For Kids To Use

Just last week I introduced you all to the very cool Oraline Toothbrush Sanitizer that I have for my kids’ toothbrushes. This product is fantastic for storing the kids’ toothbrushes, but also for cleaning them in between uses. Having a storage place for your toothbrush is great, first of all, because then you don’t have to worry about the many bathroom bacterias that float around the air. As if the cleanliness factor wasn’t enough, you want to know the best part for mom? The Oraline Toothbrush Sanitizer is easy for kids to use.

My kids can open the sanitizer themselves and pull out their toothbrush. Of course, they can also apply their own toothpaste and take care of brush. Then when they are finished with brushing, they rinse and place their toothbrush back into the sanitizer. Turning the sanitizer on is so simple that the kids can even do it! With the Oraline Sanitizer plugged in, the ultraviolet light comes on automatically and runs it’s course.

The Oraline Toothbrush Sanitizer holds 5 toothbrushes and can get all or most of your kids’ toothbrushes clean at once! It doesn’t get any easier than that mom!

To help with your oral care needs, every order from Oraline includes the toothbrush sanitizer, 12 4oz tubes of Oraline Fluoride Bubblegum Toothgel, 6 personalized toothbrushes. Toothbrushes come in two different sizes, for 2-4 years old or 4-7 years old. You get the whole Oraline kit for $59.95. The first 100 people who order the Oraline kit will receive 1 of these fantastic gift bags!!! Just for ordering – No additional charge! That means Free!

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