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Halloween Costumes from Disguise

Halloween Costumes from Disguise

I realize Halloween is upon us, but if you are anything like me where most years I plan my costume ON Halloween, then this may be of some help. Not only that, but when planning for my kids, I often do my costume shopping during the After-Halloween Sales!

Disguise, the Halloween division of JAKKS Pacific, is getting ready to dress up all the pirates, monsters, fairies, superheroes, and princesses this Halloween. Disguise is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of costumes! I had no idea! Disguise has launched their new 2012 line of exceptional Halloween costumes and accessories, and I got to pick something out for the husband and me.  Disguise partners with leading studios, along with leading retailers to bring millions of costumes to the American market each year!

My husband and I chose to dress up as He-Man and She-ra! Can you believe my kids didn’t know who they were? There is something wrong with this picture! He-Man and She-ra were big when I was little. I think the costumes were great! I especially loved He-Man’s wig, with the bangs!!! We had a family costume party, with friends, over the weekend and our costumes were a big hit. She-ra was a little immodest for me so I just added a plain white tee and some leggings, and voila! I even switched the costume up a bit for a Harvestival I attended last night. I ditched the dress and wore my white tee with red jeans, and kept the cape, headpiece, wrist wraps and boot covers. I think my favorite piece of the costume was the headpiece. People raved about it!

Here are some of the other costumes that might be a big hit this year:

  • Political themed masks:  Political masks will be one of the bigger trends this election year, with industry experts keeping a watchful eye on mask sales. Historically, it has become an unofficial but accurate predictor of who will win the election (the candidate mask that sells the most, usually wins the election).


  • WINX ClubBased on the hot new Nickelodeon show, your daughter can be Stella, Bloom or Flora!  Deluxe costume includes dress, wings and pair of glovettes ($29.99).


  • Monsuno: Based on the new Nicktoons series—your child can choose Chase Suno Classic—a jumpsuit and 3-D Monsuno core ($19.99) or Lock Monster Deluxe – a jumpsuit with muscle torso and arms, gauntlets with attached spikes, and mask ($29.99).


  • Disney/Pixar’s Brave: Watch your daughter transform into Merida.  Both Classic and Deluxe costumes available ($24.99-$34.99).


  • Disney’s Cinderella: Choose from Cinderella Shimmer Deluxe ($39.99), Cinderella Tween ($47.99), Cinderella Light Up Deluxe ($48.99), Deluxe Sassy Cinderella for adults ($59.99) and Cinderella Baby.


  • Marvel’s The Amazing Spiderman: Adult and child costumes and accessories, including the Lizard Classic Muscle and Spider-Man Movie Classic Muscle (costumes/accessories range from $5.99-$59.99).


  • Disney’s Shake it Up: Your tween will love being Rocky or Cece for Halloween! Cece Deluxe includes top with attached jacket, leggings and pair of boot covers ($31.99); Rocky deluxe includes dress, leggings and pair of boot covers ($31.99).



  • Bob’s Burger’s adult costumes/accessories: Bob’S Burger Costume includes apron, mustache and faux Bob’s pen ($19.99). Gene’S Burger Costume includes foam overlay and faux megaphone ($39.99).


  • Masters of the Universe: Choose from He-Man Classic Muscle Adult($49.99) or Skeletor Classic Muscle Adult($49.99) or Women’s She Ra Deluxe Adult ($49.99).

What is your family dressing up as this year?


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