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The New Grand Turkey Club at Arby’s

Grand Turkey Club at Arby’s

We are finally getting into the feeling of Fall, here in Northern California! It’s about time because we have had days in the 80s and even 90s, this October! My kids actually swam on the first day of October!! That is unheard of for my family! Now that it is Fall, I have been thinking (quite a lot) about all of the tasty Fall treats and eats that we can be enjoying. There’s a new guy in town and boy does he have “craveability”!

I don’t have an right in town, but I sure wish I did. This week, I headed to Sacramento to do a little birthday shopping for my dad, and made a stop by Arby’s just so we could try the new Grand Turkey Club! When something looks super tasty, and doesn’t look like it will give me a heart attack, I just have to try it.

The Grand Turkey Club tasted like it was created with some of the freshest ingredients. I can’t think of any other burger/sandwich that I have purchased from a fast food joint, that had TWO slices of tomato on it! As you can see, this was a good sized sandwich and really looks quite wholesome. The bacon was good, and not too fatty. I went to another fast food place earlier this week and got a hamburger with bacon on it, and I was quite disappointed in the bacon as I couldn’t even eat half of it. It was mostly gristle! I didn’t feel this way about the Grand Turkey Club, at all!

When I eat a sandwich such as the Grand Turkey Club, it makes me feel not so bad about all of the tasty Fall treats that I have been baking up, because of how fresh it tastes! Speaking of Fall treats and eats, doesn’t turkey go right in that category? Get your turkey fix right now, with the Grand Turkey Club – served on a toasted Harvest Wheat bun with turkey sliced fresh in-store, served hot with melted Swiss cheese, pepper bacon, leaf lettuce, tomato and mayo. Mmm – delicious. With this sandwich, you get your turkey and roll fix in one! Then head home and whip up a batch of Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes and you’re all set for the day!  In fact, I could go for some Fall Comfort Foods right about now!

What treats and eats do you look most forward to in the Fall?

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