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Air Storm Z-Tek Cross Bow, Z-Curve Bow and ZeeBeez Giveaway

Air Storm Z-Tek Cross Bow, Z-Curve Bow and ZeeBeez

I thought it was about time to introduce some great toys and gear for slightly older boys. Let’s face it, the men (old and young), in your life will likely have a blast with the next 2012 Holiday Gift Guide feature. The Air Storm Z-Tek Cross Bow™ and the  Z-Curve Bow are meant for children 8+, so really, that puts the adult men in this category. Hubby had a difficult time putting the Cross Bow down!

Zing Toys has some new additions to the arsenal of the Air Storm line of products. The newest addition is the Z-Tek Cross Bow. This is one cool toy, with lots of power. The Z-Tek Cross Bow has POWER-SWING™ technology, amazing accuracy, and 3 stick-anywhere ZARTZ™. The Zartz are similar to darts, but they have a foam type suction cup at the end of them; helping them stick to surfaces. The Zartz will stick to tons of surfaces for 15-30 seconds before auto releasing.

The Cross Bow extension application offers two distinct firing modes: short range and POWER-SHOT. The Zartz will shoot up to 35 ft while in short range mode. In Power-Shot mode, the Zartz will shoot up to a whopping 45 ft! You will seriously be amazed at the power that comes from this toy!

The box that the Cross Bow comes in, has a target on one of the pieces of cardboard. Set it up for target practice, and take turns aiming and shooting! We set the target up across the house and had some firing practice. Setting up the Zartz and getting ready to fire isn’t difficult to do, but might be a bit of a challenge for children 5 and under.  You won’t be disappointed with this cool Cross Bow, which retails at just $24.97.

Next up in the arsenal of Air Storm products is the Z-Curve Bow. For ages 8+, the Z-Curve Bow™ will give kids some practice at long-range foam archery.

I have always been fascinated by archery and this is a fun way to have it. With the Z-Curve Bow, you can blast targets from over 125 feet! Take this baby outside and set up some targets in the yard (or field). You can select your ammo from foam Z-Arrows and the stick-anywhere suction cup Zartz. The Z-Curve Bow comes with a Zip Clip ammo holder so your extra arrows are always at hand. The Z-Curve Bow retails at just $19.99! Some amazing prices for some great products!

Last up in today’s Holiday Gift Guide feature are ZeeBeez. These cool little guys will make some great stocking stuffers, and they retail at only $2.99! ZeeBeez are an original spin, pop and catch toy that jumps up to 6 feet! My kids never cease to be entertained by toys that will pop, hop, or fly on their own. Simply turn the ZeeBeez inside out so they drop flat on the ground, then get ready to catch as it pops up in the air. There are 4 colors and 6 different designs to choose from.

Now for the really fun part! One Clever Housewife reader will win a Zing Toys pack of all three of the mentioned products: Z-Tek Cross Bow, Z-Curve Bow and a ZeeBeez! This giveaway will end at 12:01am ET on 11/24. The winner will be emailed and announced in a blog post. Entries will also be verified. To enter, fill out the rafflecopter below.

I received the mentioned products, to facilitate my review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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