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Last Minute Impromptu Entertaining Tips & Tricks

Last Minute Impromptu Entertaining Tips & Tricks

Most of you have probably figured out by now that I enjoy entertaining, quite a lot. I will use nearly any excuse to get together with friends and family, to play and eat great food! While I love being a hostess and organizing games, and telling people what to do, I don’t always love the planning part of it. More planning and preparation go into the larger parties that I throw, but I rarely plan every last detail weeks in advance.

On occasion, some organization and preparation will slip out of me, but I often put things off to the last minute. Then there are those gatherings that creep up on you last minute, and you’ve got to come up with ideas, food and entertainment, at the spur of the moment!

To get you all ready for any possible holiday entertaining you may be gearing up for, or may be surprised with, I wanted to share some last minute impromptu entertaining tips & tricks.

  • First of all, make sure you have refrigerator space!! If you are running low on time, it is OKAY to pick something pre-made up at the store and keep it in the fridge, until the party begins! There are many times where I have scolded myself for not making everything from scratch, but I realized that it is okay. I do what I can when I have the time for it. When time and/or energy is lacking, it is okay to cut corners sometimes!
  • Serve fresh fruit and veggies! Who doesn’t love a crispy carrot stick or piece of broccoli, dipped in a tasty dip? Or how about a delicious fruit dip for the fresh fruit? So simple, fast, and effective!
  • The LG Blast Chiller feature, in select refrigerators, is perfect for any impromptu moment when you need a quick refreshment to help you have a “blast” or just “chill” out! This is great because it works so fast, and can really bail you out when you’re in a pinch! Need a cool beverage last minute? The LG Blast Chiller can help with that!
  • Serve a cheese and deli meat tray. If budget is an issue, it is much more cost effective if you purchase the cheese and meat yourself, rather than buy a deli tray. Roll up the meat and cut up the cheese and serve it on a platter. This will give guests a protein fix.
  • Chips and a tasty dip or hummus is more than acceptable and usually enjoyed by all! Super quick snack too! Then try to think of a fun way to serve it up. For my very last minute Halloween Party, I snagged a unique veggie (similar to a pumpkin) and carved a face out of it, and served my hummus with it. This isn’t for the classy type of party, but instantly I had decor (a vomiting jack-o-lantern) and a snack! I seriously did this just minutes before guests arrived. Just be willing to think outside the box!
  • Use items you have on hand! Again, for my Halloween party, I grabbed a couple of rolls of toilet paper (we all have that on hand right?) and we divided the guests into two teams. Each team had to race while wrapping a kid up as a mummy. The kids LOVED this and each wanted a turn, but I wasn’t going to use up all the TP! Totally easy and resourceful!
  • Need party ideas? Don’t fear Pinterest or Google! Hop online and get tons of party game ideas and recipes within minutes!
Visit the LG USA Facebook page to view more entertaining blast or chill content and feel free to share your own blast or chill moments! Did you ever have last minute impromptu entertaining that you were in charge of? When it’s time to replace our current refrigerator, I’m definitely going to look into the LG Blast Chiller because it sounds like it can be a hiney saver!

The LG Blast Chiller, available in the 3-Door Super Capacity French-Door refrigerator (LFX31935), can chill a room temperature, 12oz beverage in five minutes or a bottle of wine in just eight minutes. By comparison, a typical refrigerator takes about 40 minutes to accomplish this task – even in the freezer. This refrigerator is also among the largest capacity 36-inch refrigerators currently on the market, offering almost 20 percent more space and the ability to store over 50 gallons of milk.


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