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Skylanders Cake For Twins’ 7th Birthday

Skylanders Cake

It’s no secret that my 7 year old twin boys are infatuated with Skylanders! Now that Skylanders has released its sequel, Skylanders Giants, the hype and excitement is even more intense. The twins just celebrated their 7th birthday on Sunday. They wanted nothing more than to have a Skylanders Birthday Cake made by me.

I don’t mind making my kids’ birthday cakes, but this happened to be a particularly difficult weekend. I also consider myself an amateur cake maker, but I am usually willing to try. I had a terrible cold, and the day before the boys’ birthday, I was hosting a costume party that I didn’t feel like I could cancel. I knew a lot of kids were looking forward to the party, so I just plugged through.

I feel like the boys’ cake turned out less than stellar, but they were very happy with it. The top layer was a lemon cake with buttercream filling, and the bottom layer was a butter pecan cake. I did my best considering the circumstances. My oldest son helped shape Eruptor out of fondant, while I created a Gill Grunt, and the remaining parts of the cake. I kept things fairly basic. The boys wanted me to etch lines into the cakes, using a knife, so I did. I used white fondant and a round cookie cutter, for the sources. Then I used a black gel to draw the sources on the discs. This wasn’t the neatest way of doing things, but it’s what I had on hand, and I didn’t have to make a trip to the store – bonus!

As a final touch, the boys added their Portal of Power and all of their Skylanders Characters.

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