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Easy, Affordable Christmas Centerpiece

Affordable Christmas Centerpiece

About a week ago, I had a twitter follower ask for affordable Christmas centerpiece ideas. It just so happens that shortly before I saw the tweet, my mom was telling me about a fun centerpiece she created that was totally easy and very affordable. I especially love quick and affordable diy projects. I finally decided to snap some pictures of her cute centerpiece, and post about it.

To recreate this fun Christmas centerpiece, here’s what you will need:

1 plain or decorative tray – Don’t be afraid to try the dollar store or a thrift store, to find something fun, and pleasing to the eye. Remember that most of the tray will be covered.
3 glass jars – cleaned out candle jars work nicely
3 smaller candles to fit inside jars
Peppermint Starlight Mints, in individual wrappers
Red and White (and Silver, if desired) Glitter Balls – these were found at Marshalls for $5.99, with a 50% off coupon

The instructions are pretty self explanatory. Evenly space your glass jars on your tray. Candles that are smaller in diameter, than the jar, give the best effect. Randomly sprinkle Starlight Mints and Glitter-y balls around the candles and voila!

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  • Cute @ Christmas we Need affordable this would fit the bill… lol along with other bills that month

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