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Otterbox Case for the Samsung Galaxy S3

Otterbox Case for the Samsung Galaxy S3

Do you suffer from cracked cell phone screens and scratches? If you have children, or happen to be clumsy, then this may be a concern of yours. When you think about it, cell phones and the monthly plans we pay for are quite expensive. Why wouldn’t we want to protect those phones the best we can, to avoid any replacement fees?

As I have talked with some of you before, I recently purchased the Samsung Galaxy S3. Not exactly a cheap phone. Although, I did get a great deal on it! I have talked about Otterbox cases before, and I’ll say it again, “They work great!” Because my kids will try to sneak and play with my phone from time to time, I don’t have to fear that they will break my phone. It has the protection of the Samsung Galaxy S3 Defender Series cell phone case.

With all Otterbox cases, your cell phone gets placed in a plastic case that snaps into place around the phone. Included in this plastic case is a clear plastic screen protector that is attached to the cover. Just be sure that you clean the inside of the phone cover thoroughly before placing over your phone. Any smudges on the screen will show on the outside of your screen, but you won’t be able to wipe them clean easily. Then you cover the case with a rubberized, and stylish (if you’d like) cover. This means that if your phone gets dropped, no worries! No cracked screen or scratched case! I’m no longer paranoid of kids dropping my phone everytime I see them with it.

Opposed to the last Otterbox case I owned, the rubberized cover doesn’t pull my hair when I bring it to my ear. This part, I love! One thing that took me a bit to get used to is that there is a lip at the bottom of the case comes up and gets in the way of the main button on the bottom of the phone. I did manage to get used to that feature and I don’t complain about it anymore. The biggest downfall of the Otterbox case is also it’s saving grace – it makes a slim phone not so slim. Because your phone basically gets double wrapped in protection, it does add a bit of bulk to the phone. I find it is worth it for the protection it provides. I don’t ever have to get to the battery or SD card of my phone, but I imagine that it could be a pain to take the rubber cover off and take the plastic case apart, to do so. If you’ve got a new phone this likely won’t be a hinderance for you at all. Overall I say that the protection of Otterbox cases is well worth any other issues you may encounter with it. This has been my experience thusfar anyway.


I was provided with a Otterbox case to facilitate my review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  • I know someone who could use that. 🙂 I have a plan jane phone it isnt even smart lol. It sound great though.

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