Hanging Hearts for Valentine’s Day

Hanging Hearts for Valentine’s Day

Every year I rack my brain to think of creative ways to surprise my kids and family on Valentine’s Day. While I have pinned many ideas on Pinterest, I did not prepare well this year. Last night my little girl and I got to attend Disney On Ice with my sister and her daughter. We had an absolute blast! Because we were out late, that my my Valentine’s Day preparations even more behind! Thankfully my mom was totally on the ball.

When Bea and I got back to my mom’s house after the show, she had some decorations up for the kids. Luckily Bea was asleep so I just tucked her in her bed and helped my mom finish up her plan. This craft is so easy that anyone can do it! Make these hanging hearts and hang them in doorways or cubicles. We had them in each of the kids’ doorways so they would have to walk through them when they woke up in the morning. It’s amazing how just the simplest of things can warm the kids’ hearts and make them feel loved. This craft is super inexpensive too, which is an added bonus.

Simply cut hearts out of red construction paper. Feel free to mix it up and cut out red, pink and white hearts. You can use any string or yarn, but my mom found a cute multicolored string that was really cute. Cut the strings at varying lengths and tape one to the back of each heart. Then tape the string to the top of the door frame, and you’re set to go!

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