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Vote For Me In The Reynolds Real Moms Contest #ReynoldRealMoms

Reynolds Real Moms Contest

Y’all know I don’t like to enlist you in voting for me in contests, but this one is HUGE, and means the world to me! I am in the running to be one of five Reynolds Real Moms, for the entire year! This is what I went to Chicago for a few weeks ago. I was put in a test kitchen where I demonstrated different ways to use a variety of Reynolds products. I had the time of my life! I didn’t think I would like being in front of the camera at all, but the production team and Reynolds team just made me feel so comfortable, and right at home.

Because I love Reynolds products anyway, and use them in my kitchen all the time, it wasn’t hard to get behind the brand and have some fun. I need your HELP! Do you think I emulate or represent what a REAL MOM is? Then vote for me!

Each Wednesday for the next 5 weeks, a new blog post/tip/video will be uploaded to the Reynolds Wrap facebook page. Each of the 10 contestants will have a different post and tip. I need for you to vote for my tip each Wednesday. Luckily voting isn’t daily, so you just have to log on each Wednesday to vote! I would be so touched if I could enlist your help and count on you for your support! I want this gig so badly as I feel I could represent Reynolds well, because it is a brand and product line that I believe in!

Simply head over to the Reynolds Wrap facebook page. “Like” the page, then look for the Reynolds Real Moms tab. Scroll down until you see me (Emily), and my post, “Perfect Portions In Baking Cups”. Then Vote!! Thank you in advance!

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  • Congrats on becoming a finalist. Best Wishes on your journey to becoming a Reynolds Real Mom. Your video was great!

  • Congrats, this is so cool. You know you have made it into Motherhood, Wife cool zone when you are a Reynolds Real Mom Finalist. I am voting for you. Loved your post the other day about being a single Mom most of the week and getting your spouse on the weekends, it is how I feel too with mine traveling so much.

  • Thanks Christine! Such a fun opportunity and I appreciate your vote! I hope yours gets to a point where maybe he doesn’t have to travel so much. It’s rough!

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