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Heelys: Add Fun to Tennis Shoes with Wheels in the Heel



What kid wouldn’t want to add some fun to their tennis shoes, with wheels? My kids have all been begging for wheels in their shoes and my oldest finally got to try them out. They can be kind of pricey, but the tennis shoes really do seem sturdy and of great quality. Sometimes it is worth it to pay more to get shoes that will last long. I have purchased far too many shoes for the kids that didn’t last but a couple of months. Been there done that! The cool thing about Heelys is that come in so many different styles of shoe, and they can entertain the kids and keep them moving, because they have wheels in the heels! Heelys are the original shoe with the removable wheel in the heel.

heelys wheels

What I LOVE about Heelys is that the wheels come in and out. I don’t want to risk having my son get in trouble at school for wheeling around, so we take the wheels out on school days. That way he still gets good use out of the shoes! On occasion I will let him pop the wheels in after school, but he typically just uses the wheels on the weekends. The shoes come with a nifty tool that aids in getting the wheels out easily. I don’t think my big boy is aware of all of the stunts he can attempt with the wheels, but as a mom I’d like him to take it slow. The Heelys site has a list of howto videos at varying skill levels.

heelys shoes

Before letting the kids go out and attempt a bunch of stunts and tricks, it is wise to go over the Responsible Skating agreement, designed to keeps parents and kids safe. Then look over the Heelys playbook which contains a checklist for equipment and safe skating. Heelys aren’t just for kids after all! Snag a pair of Heelys for yourself and head outdoors to try some stunts with the kids! Sounds like a blast for all!

Heelys would make a fun gift for any kid, or adult really!


I received a pair of Heelys to facilitate my review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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