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Kettle Brand Potato Chips & Basketball Tournaments #KettleMadness

Anyone know what time it is? It’s snacking time, and basketball time! Let’s face it – it’s pretty much always snacking time at my house. I tell ya, from moment my kids get home from school until they go to bed, I have to bat them away from the kitchen cupboards. We are well into March and this week marks the start of the official college basketball tournaments.

What team(s) are you rooting for?

As I have said before, I am not HUGE on the actual watching of sports on television, but I can’t say the same for the family I was raised in. While watching sports on tv isn’t my favorite thing to do, I provide the goods (food/treats/drinks, etc.) and I’m a happy camper. Now if I could go to the basketball tourneys in person…..that’s a different story. I would LOVE to be there rooting my favorite team on! I love to get caught up in the excitement of a live game. As a mother of 3 boys (and a girl), I am learning to embrace my motherly duties. Grandpa is teaching my boys right and informing them of the rules and the teams worth rooting for. Because grandpa is big on the college championships, so are my boys! He’s teaching them right I suppose! If grandpa thinks it’s cool, then it must be so!

Unfortunately our team, BYU, didn’t make it as far as we all would have liked this year. This didn’t stop my dad and brothers from creating their virtual bracket pool. The guys look forward to creating their brackets every year.

shopping trip

One of my brothers was in town visiting this week with his 7 children, so we decided to seize the opportunity and watch us a college basketball game! BYU happened to be playing (and proudly won that game) so we made a party of it. As I often do, I did the party preparations with some Walmart shopping. I had to plan a feast for a large crowd of basketball fans, and we wanted easy set up and clean up. I took my boys and my dad to help me get the RIGHT foods for the occasion. I decided to go with a few rotisserie chickens, baked beans, Jell-o parfait, and Kettle Brand potato chips, accompanied by some Capri Suns (100% fruit juice).

basketball tournament grub

When watching a basketball game or any sporting event really, don’t you just need a bag of something tasty to munch on? Kettle Brand potato chips are great because they are made with all natural ingredients! I have been more conscientious of what I put in my mouth, and especially what I feed my children. I have gotten more in the habit of reading labels and trying to pick more natural foods that don’t have a Loooong list of ingredients.

kettle brand potato chips


While I’m not perfect, I at least try to make SOME better choices when it comes to feeding my kids. When watching the current basketball tournaments, why not celebrate the natural talent of those awesome basketball players while eating the natural goodness of Kettle Brand potato chips? The kids sure approved! And so you can enjoy Kettle Brand potato chips for less, be sure to !

kettle brand potato chips

Happy snacking and happy winning! 

To celebrate these two natural talents coming together, please join me for the #KettleMadness Twitter Party on March 27th! RSVP on my party announcement post now! You can also view my entire shopping trip to prepare for my family’s celebration, in my Google+ Album.


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