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Adding Dairy into our Summertime Routine with help from Safeway #EverydayDairy

When it comes to feeding my kids during the Summer, I headed to Safeway as part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias®, to stock up on some necessities. Coming up with tasty and filling things the kids will eat may not be easy for everyone, so I thought I’d share what we like to do.


I don’t know about you, but I find that we eat way differently in the Summertime, than we do in the Winter. I like warm hearty dishes in the Winter; such as creamy soups, roasts, casseroles, warm brownies and pies, etc. In the Summer though, I actually crave fruits and vegetables much more than I do in the Winter. I enjoy grilling and having a lot of stir frys, but that doesn’t leave a lot of room for dairy. Aside from my youngest, the rest of my kids are not milk drinkers; nor am I. So, I have to find ways to incorporate dairy into our meals throughout the Summer, that doesn’t involve creamy soups and casseroles.

kraft singles

With the help of a nice Summer promotion at Safeway, I was able to stock up on some dairy items that I KNEW my kids wouldn’t have a problem eating: Kraft Singles and Klondike Bars!! Right now you can save $5 when you buy $15 worth of select products at Safeway, including many cheese and other dairy products.

summer breakfast with cheese toast and orange juice

While I am not a huge fan of processed cheese, my kids and hubby LOVE making cheese toast for breakfast. This is so simple too! All they do is pop a couple of pieces of toast into the toaster, and let them cook. Then they top the toast with a slice of Kraft Singles and stick it in the microwave just long enough to melt the cheese. Voila! Serve it with some Simply Orange Juice – also on promotion at Safeway, and you’ve got a yummy breakfast with grains, fruit, and dairy! Nice and light for a Summer morning.

klondike bars

Because I live in Northern California and we have been known to get days over 100°, we often keep some cool refreshing treats on hand, for those hot afternoons. We had those such days just this weekend, with record highs at 110°! I decided to take the Klondike Bars I purchased at Safeway and stuffed a popsicle stick up the middle, in hopes of avoiding some mess (mission failed), and had the kids head out back under some shade, to eat their treats. They sure enjoyed them and I have to admit that I was envious that I couldn’t enjoy one with them. Oh, what would I do for a Klondike Bar?

I think the kids quite liked how I incorporated dairy into their day! You can view my Google+ Album with my entire shopping trip and more food pics. You can also follow Safeway on facebook to stay up to date on their latest happenings!

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  • My boys love cheese toast as well! We don’t have Safeway where I live but it looks like a great store. And I just got done stocking up on dairy for summer treats for the kiddos!

  • I am a complete dairy holic. If I had to give up dairy I think I wouldn’t make it through life. My kids and I love making cheese toast or quesadillas a lot during the summer time.

  • Love the Safeway June Dairy promotion! I am stocking up on Chobani Yogurt and cheese during the sale. It is the perfect time to stock up on summer essentials.

  • Cheese toast is my absolute favorite breakfast or snack! I love the idea you had with putting those Klondike bars on a stick. I wonder if you could put the sticks in and refreeze…hmm…

  • I stocked up on icecream from them this summer too. Plus they recently had an offer for a free gallon of milk with the purchase of 4 cereal boxes. Good way to get your dairy in 🙂

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