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Summer Boating Fun

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Summer Boating Fun

I grew up in a fairly land locked & dry area of the country; Southeastern Idaho, which is located in the Snake River Desert Plain.  Some of my earliest memories include riding on our family boat.  There were 4 reservoirs in a 90 mile radius from our home.  There were two places on the Snake River that were less than 15 miles from our home, that we would sneak down to for those hot summer afternoons.  My dad was a water skier and our family also participated in fishing; mostly trolling  from our boat.  Second to snowmobiling, boating was my favorite activity to do with my dad.

water skiing

I learned to waterski probably from the age of 11 or 12 years old.  By my freshman year of high school I could waterski quite well on one ski.  Later on in life, my dad took me and my wife and kids on a boat ride in Idaho. The boys had such a fun time tubing and watching me ski.


Even after leaving Idaho I have spent time on the water in Northern California.  While dating my wife and as newlyweds, we would go to the local reservoir and spend time on a family member’s houseboat and ski boat.  Three or four years later I went fishing off the Coast of California with my employer as an all-expense paid trip. That was the first time I got to do some deep sea fishing. That was quite the experience.

I am eager to get back out on the lake to see if I can still do some slalom skiing! It make take a bit for me to get my skills back. As my kids get older, I can’t wait to teach them a few things and see them enjoy boating as I have. Get your kids excited about boating with this boating education for kids, provided by Discover Boating. My parents are coming out to California later this year, and I’m hoping they will bring their boat. Boating is a great way to spend some quality time with the family. Did anyone spend Father’s Day out on a boat?

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