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This post is sponsored by Publishers Clearing House, but all opinions are my own and you should really enter to win! Totally legit giveaway!

Did you know that you have the chance to win $1 million + 5K every week for life? It’s true, and the winner will be announced on June 30th on NBC!! Read on to find out what I’d do with the money, and how you can enter!

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Oh the things I could do with a million dollars! Where to even begin! Okay, I have some ideas. First things first – pay off ALL debt! The hubs and I are pretty great about not keeping any credit card debt or anything like that, but we have racked up some serious student loans in the past 3 years while my husband has attended chiropractic school. We would pay off his loans and our house, then move over to my parents’ debt, to help them out for their retirement. Then we’d go from there.

My husband’s car is literally falling apart. He recently took it to Midas for an oil change, and when he retrived his car, his automatic window was no longer working. It was off the track – as if someone heavy leaned against it while it was partially open. He finally got it rolled back up all the way, but it can’t roll down. I feel like somethin’ else when going through a drive thru. He has tried to take the car back to Midas to see what they did to it, but they refuse to even look at it. They are quite rude too. Midas – NEVER AGAIN! I digress. We would buy my husband a nice new little car for getting around town. He is officially a doctor now after all; as of Friday!

I would likely move to some slightly bigger property. I don’t need a bigger house, but I don’t want to be on top of my neighbors either. Space and a big yard would be uber nice. After (or probably before) taking care of the upgrades and debt, a nice big family vacation to somewhere far, would be in order. I love to travel and experience new places and things, and I haven’t ever left the country before, so that will be a must. Well, unless Tijuana Mexico counts? Hardly!

So, what would YOU do if YOU won $1 million plus 5K every week for life? It’s entirely possible you know! Publishers Clearing House could actually show up on YOUR doorstep with a big ol’ check for $1 million, plus you’d get 5K every week for life, on top of that! ENTER TO WIN right now because I would be over the moon if one of my readers won. Maybe you could even share with me! I’m sure you’d have a difficult time spending all of that money on your own anyway, right? 😉

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