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Unplug from Electronics & Dress Up for a Game of Impromptu Costume Comedy #Unplug2Play

As part of a sponsored post for Collective BiasĀ® and Costume Express, I tackled the mission of getting kids to Unplug2Play by playing dress up for a game of Impromptu Costume Comedy. Ever notice that technology has become so rampant in our every day lives that sometimes pulling our kids away from game devices and television is like ripping them from the jaws of life? This is not an every day occurrence at my house but I’d be lying if I said it never happened.

I for one am very interested in having my kids get involved in creative play. While I think technology is good, I believe that all things should be in moderation. Sure, my boys have developed excellent hand-eye coordination from playing video games, but I am also concerned about their social skills and creativity. One of the ways that my children get up and exercise their minds is by playing dress-up. I love to listen to the fun scenarios they place themselves in as they change from outfit to outfit, while changing up the accessories. Dress-ups and costumes are one sure way to get ALL of my kids to play nicely together.

costume express costumes

Some of you may have gotten into the habit of thinking that costumes are for Halloween only, but I am here to prove you wrong! Every other year, my family has a family reunion and it is such a blast. My kids have a lot of cousins and I have five married siblings so we really enjoy each other’s company, and finding ways to laugh together. My mom came up with a hilarious way of having each family come up with a skit, which we call Impromptu Costume Comedy. Each family (or group) gets a bag of props and costumes, and a funny word on a strip of paper. That group then has to create a skit using all props and the funny word. These are not words in one’s every day vocabulary, but they truly are out of the dictionary.

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To add some flavor to our summer, I did some shopping on Costume Express, where I found a wide variety of dress up costumes and accessories at affordable prices. I was able to pick up a couple of full children’s costumes, plus some hilarious accessories for just $50! I love shopping clearance! Plus, get free shipping on orders of $75 or more and 15% off with email signup!

lambchop sideburns

Now for our game of impromptu costume comedy! I loved pulling the kids away from the screens and watching them laugh and come up with a funny game show using our new checkerboard and twister costumes. Ever since my kids saw a Youtube video about Sideburns, they are obsessed, which is why it was fitting for one of them to wear the Lambchop sideburns!

sideburns and mustache
Our Impromptu Costume Comedy was about the “No Name Game Show”, created by my kids. Their funny words for the skit were: Pandiculation (A full body stretch) and Collywobbles (Butterflies in the stomach). I LOVE this part of the game because we all learn a new word for our vocabulary, and find a use for it! You’ll just have to watch the video to see how they put their costumes and words to use!

You can see my entire shopping experience and more photos from the skit, in my Google+ Album.
costume express costumes

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