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Fun with Otter Pop Stars + Otter Pops Giveaway

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I’m sure most of us grew up with the refreshingly cool Otter Pops. I remember having Otter Pops in the outside freezer during most of my childhood. I could always go grab one for a quick and light treat that would cool me down in the summer months. I love that my kids can enjoy some of the same treats that I did as a kid. Of course, Otter Pops are made with real fruit juice – and some with 100% fruit juice (my fav). On days where the kids have their good listening ears on, we head out back to enjoy a refreshing treat of Otter Pops!

Now my kids and I can have evern more fun with Otter Pops with the crazy cool Otter Pop characters! I had know idea the Otter Pops had names, likes, dislikes, and even some musical talent! While sampling our favorite Otter Pop flavors, I introduced the kids to the Otter Pop Stars: Lil, Poncho, Alexander, Louie, Kook, and sir Isaac. I am kind of partial to the adorable Llil (aka Little Orphan Orange) who loves her dog Melon Collie, roller skating, and talking on the phone with her friends. Sounds like me once upon a time – minus the dog named Melon Collie! Lil is also the vocalist for the Otter Pop Stars, which is a skill I wish I had!

My daughter on the other hand, loves Kook. Much of that has to do with the fact that Strawberry Short Kook (aka Kook) is red and loves to fix desserts. The red Otter Pop is also her favorite, so I suppose they go well together. I personally love the green Otter Pop (that would be Sir Isaac). My boys all love Poncho and Louie (in flavor and personality).

Kids already claiming boredom this summer? Treat them to some Otter Pops and have them get to know the Otter Pop Stars by reading their bios online, watching their music videos, playing with the Fun Stuff tab, or creating Otter Pop inspired art at home! After getting to know the stars, my kids decided to build and draw some of the stars out of legos and crayons.

You can follow theΒ Otter Pops on FacebookΒ andΒ Chat with the Otter Pop StarsΒ on Twitter!

Now for the best part! Enter this giveaway to win 2 packs of Otter Pops for some summer cool fun! This giveaway will end at 11:59pm EST on July 22nd. To enter, fill out the form below.

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