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Dinner Spread with Turkey Tenderloin from Save Mart’s Pick 5 & Save Promo

sliced turkey tenderloin

As part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias® and Save Mart, I shopped the Pick 5 & Save Sale at Save Mart, and created a tasty dinner spread with Turkey Tenderloin for some #FreshFinds.

Pick 5 & Save Sign

My family looks forward to Sunday dinners because they’re usually a tad better than our typical weeknight meals, and there is often a dessert to go along with it. If I can save money on Sunday dinner, then even better! While shopping at Save Mart, I noticed some super good signage, advertising their Pick 5 for $25 promo. Sounded good to me, so I decided to investigate further.

shopping cart

Although I like to buy my meats when I can get them under $2 per pound, I haven’t seen those prices in quite some time. They’re pretty much non-existent, so this Pick 5 for $25 deal is pretty nice. Being able to score a good deal AND stock up on meats at the same time, is my kind of shopping! I’m not a seafood eater so I went for the pork and turkey tenderloins, and pork chops. I know my husband will be super happy about the thin-cut pork chops, because that means he will be seeing Pork Cutlets (his favorite) in the near future.

seasoned turkey tenderloins

The Turkey Tenderloins were about 1.5 pounds and pre-seasoned! That means that someone else has already done the work for me! I had company for dinner on Sunday night, which made 8 of us! I cooked up two of the Turkey Tenderloins: barbecue seasoned and island teriyaki seasoned. Okay, I admit it, my husband did the grilling this time. I’ll give credit where credit is due! They were cooked perfectly according to the directions on the package, and they were super moist inside! Just right!

Dinner Spread with turkey tenderloin and fried rice

I sliced up the tenderloins and served them with a delicious fried rice with BACON in it! YUM! Then of course, a fresh pineapple from Save Mart, and mandarin oranges and maraschino cherries we had on hand. The meal was so tasty, and fed 8 of us for fairly inexpensive! Fried Rice recipe coming soon!

If you like to shop Save Mart, be sure to check out their Explore The Grill promo, paired with Pepsi right now. They’re giving away a Big Green Egg grill every day at explorethegrill.com/savemart.


You can see my entire shopping trip and more dinner photos in my Google+ album.

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