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Hitting the Pavement with Reebok

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Reebok. I received a Famous Footwear gift card to purchase a pair of Reebok shoes to facilitate my review and to thank me for participating.”

Reebok Shoes

With all of the back-to-school shopping I have been doing for the kids, my husband and I couldn’t resist doing a bit of our own. Although I am not going back to school, and don’t plan to anytime soon (been there, done that), I do plan to get organized and change my habits a bit while the kids are away. That includes increasing my physical activity! Having old, not-so-cute tennis shoes does exactly motivate me to get out and exercise. No, it shouldn’t be up to the shoes, but it couldn’t hurt to kind of feel cute while working out, right? My husband is the type to wear tennis shoes MOST of the time! He is quite a good runner too! Let’s just say – marathon in 3 hours 58 seconds!! He can wear them down pretty quickly so it was time to find him a pair that will last him longer than the cheap ones we usually get him.

famous footwear

For our purposes, we turned to Famous Footwear to hunt down some Reebok shoes. I wore Reeboks as a kid, and they never let me down so we decided it was time to give them a shot again. To be honest, I think the kids are a little jealous of our cool new kicks. Lucky for us Famous Footwear was having a BOGO 50% off sale, so it was the perfect time for the hubs and I to get a new pair of shoes! Even better for all of you; if you shop now then you can take advantage of the BOGO sale in addition to a coupon for 15-20% off! All the info is on their site so get shoppin’!

Men's Reebok Smoothflex Shoes

Our Famous Footwear store didn’t have a lot of Reebok options which was a bummer, but they ordered some for us off of their website. Because we ordered in the store, we were able to get free shipping!! My husband picked out these stylish Men’s Reebok Smoothflex Shoes. He loves the fit and says they are comfy to run in. Plus, they look so much better than his last pair of athletic shoes!! Mission accomplished.

Women's Reebok Smoothflex Shoes

For me, I picked out similar shoes to the hubs, but in my girly colors! I got the Reebok Women’s Smoothflex shoes, and I’m also pretty happy with them. A problem I often have with athletic shoes is that they are too tight across the top, and these are not! They are a little loose in the heel, but definitely not uncomfortable. I like my feet to be able to breathe when wearing shoes, and they do in these! While I’m a little out of shape to be doing some hefty runs, I can work my way there in these stylish shoes!

The kids have their new school clothes, and hubby and I got spoiled with new shoes! Win-win in my book! Are you a Reebok fan? Tell me about it in the comments!

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